WSOH (2)

As you all know some of the guys on POF seem to think that they have a wicked sense of humour so here`s the latest lot for you to enjoy. What I will say is this…..please don`t read this at home on your own as you may need someone to pick you up from the floor after collapsing in hysterics…….
Hobbies-I collect dust and grow my own hair.Goals-Never really liked football but there was this one time…..Aspirations-nothing too serious but I did choke on some crusty bread once,coughed for ages afterwards.First date-An echidna petting zoo might be nice but what would be the point? Ringing PPI claims companies and setting up meetings with them ….and then not turn up….see how they like having their time wasted. Or we could go choosing matching safari suits…..
This Product-could give effective relief from occasional sadness,excess boredom,prolonged headache and trapped emotions. Do Not Take-if you are allergic to fun,romance or adventure. Consult Your Doctor-if you suffer from a delicate ribcage or a weak heart because constant laughter and excitement are common side effects of this product. Dosage-feel free to take as much as you can handle. Active Ingredients-intelligence,attractiveness,confidence,energy,ambition etc. Warning-prolonged use of this product could result in long term happiness and fulfillment.    And then we have……
Met a dutch girl with inflateable shoes last week, arranged a date but then found out she`d popped her clogs! My dog kept chasing people on a bike so I took the bike from her. Then she just sat in the garden and barked all day, so I gave her the bike back only because her bark is worse than her bike! Got a job as a stunt man in the adult film industry but had an unfortunate accident with a clapperboard so after that I could only do small stand up parts so I got sacked. I don`t go to the gym but keep fit running backwards and forwards to McDonalds  If you want to get down and dirty then that would be fantastic… my oven really needs cleaning! …..And how about…..
Sorry ladies I`m a chinese made replica that won`t fit back into the box once you take me out. I`ll stop working at the first opportunity but must go now as my bath is drawn and the water is hotter than a Jason Manford text that`s not going to his wife………So there you have it, I hope it`s not been too uncomfortable not being able to breathe with all that laughing…….