Would Like To Meet

One of the features on this dating site is “Would like to meet”.This means someone has indicated they would like to get to know you without actually sending you a message. Sheer laziness actually….and I always cringe when I get that email…”thejoker34 would like to meet you”. It`s nearly always a case of I look at their photo and think “Yeah I bet you would”. Half the time they look like they never leave their warden assisted flat…and more than once I`ve wondered did Norman Bates have any brothers? And they are always older men….always.Some look like they wouldn`t have looked out of place in Jurassic Park…(and I`m being kind here) and some look like they`ve been grown in a lab! I realise they might be shy…but I also think because they clearly have nothing else to do all day they message EVERYONE…..it`s a numbers game….someone will eventually reply.I have to think that because if that`s the best I can do…..I need to update my siren song……

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