What`s mine is mine……and will never be yours.

Solvency…..the word itself sounds quite serious don`t you think? But this can cause all sorts of problems when dating older guys.There are a few on good ole` Plenty of Frogs who have never been married (for whatever reason) and I would imagine if that guy is successful with his own house, car, villa in Portugal, fully paid up member of the golf club he ain`t going to be wanting to share the spoils of all his hard work……not after all this time.I do know of a couple of guys (never married) who have girlfriends,and believe me those girlfriends have to pay their way, they are expected to pay half the meals out, holidays, take-aways, even though one or two of those guys are millionaires (on paper) so when I see a guy who looks half decent, sense of humour,etc,then I realise when I read his profile that he wants a woman who is on a par with him money-wise I just don`t even bother to either reply or send a message….I don`t own an ironing board for god`s sake but that`s a whole other story……but would you ditch someone if you found out after seeing him for 6 months that he had less money than you? Maybe if he only had a 250,000 instead of the million you thought he had?Personally I wouldn`t but I do know of one or two ladies who have done just that after finding out the guy they were “madly in love with” was worth less than they thought.And how many people still have an ex to contend with who are still living in the matrimonial home? God imagine meeting someone and although the kids have grown up the ex still lives in the house, there`s all that to sort out and I`m sure she/he won`t be calling any removal men soon……why would they? Sensitive subject and not one where you his current girlfriend can bring it up in conversation, never mind call the shots.We all like to think we would do the right thing where money`s concerned but how many of us actually do? It really does bring out the worst in people especially if someone thinks they`re being short changed at the end of a relationship……I had a friend years ago who worked in the same nightclub as I did. After winning a final of a Miss Wet T-Shirt competition (we ARE talking the 80`s) she was on a high as the prizes included a holiday to Spain, a couple of hundred quid and a centrefold spread in Hustler magazine (which she turned down but the runner up, a peroxide blonde in her late 30`s with 5 kids said she`d do it) so you can imagine we were all going mental that she`d won and popping champagne when her husband came storming into the club. “Get home now!” We all looked in shock as “J” explained she`d won the competition and they were going on holiday (she had a baby…..that`s how she won she hadn`t breast-fed that day!!) but he was having none of it. So off she went and apparently the holiday was a disaster and while wondering how she was going to leave him he got knocked down and killed by a bus. Seriously….So “J” got what she wanted in the end and ended up with an accountant. Last time I saw her she said although he was loaded she actually had to account for every single penny she spent and had to supply receipts, and as I looked at her I knew I could not live like that because for men money is a form of control and they think they can tell you what you can and can`t have.Back in the day when I had a husband he used to try that…..”If you do such and such you can have that jacket from Topshop”…..Err….I`m working so I`m earning so yeah I CAN have it”….never went down well that come back…….can`t think why…….