The only gay in the village

Date number 3 was a really nice guy who I decided to meet over a coffee.”M” had been married to his childhood sweetheart for 32 years and apparently she`d run off  with someone else 2 years ago……I got the impression that he was looking for a replacement pretty damn quick. Anyway…..he lived in a quiet village in the lake district where there wasn`t any ethnic minoroties or gays…..hmmm…….”M” himself didn`t used to like gays (how he can come to that conclusion when he`d never met any) until two young men rocked up to the village and opened a tea-room.This proved to be a great success,with “M” becoming a huge fan.(phew!….thank god for that eh??) With his time off (when not trying to find a replacement for his wife) he did some coaching with a local rugby team.”Do you not think any of  the rugby lads might be gay?” I asked. He looked shocked. “Well no! There are no gays in the village!” “Maybe one or two might be” I said “but who wants to be the only gay in the village?” ……..Unfortunately although a really lovely guy I fear “M” has led rather a sheltered life and we all know that saying “Old dogs new tricks”….needless to say our romance is now over…..