The Fame Game

Everyone seems to want to be famous these days, but with no talent to offer. It’s common practice for some people who want to be in the public eye to “buy” followers on twitter and instagram to seem more popular than they actually are, which seems to be encouraged by the rise in reality tv  programmes which some people try to use as a platform for bigger and better things. Most shows are to be viewed as a bit of fun, not to be taken seriously, but for a small minority this can be seen as making a career out of…well, nothing. The same can be said of the way some young girls make a bee line for footballers/tv personalities  in a club, hoping to sell a “kiss and tell” which in turn might lead to a photo shoot, leading to a magazine article, leading to a stint on Love Island/Ex on the Beach but then what?  Some people want their 2 minutes in the sun stretched out to 2 weeks in Benidorm but having youth and beauty is not actual talent which is why there are so many “wannabees” around hoping to be the next big thing.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a thrill to be recognised when you’ve appeared on tv  but this is what some people crave, all the time. The constant recognition when they’re out and about and maybe they’ve actually reminded people themselves, jogging a memory and then claim that they can’t believe people still recognise them when they only appeared once on a programme. And that’s the thing. Appearing once on a tv programme does not, in any shape or form, mean that you are a reality tv star. Thousands of people apply for these shows so you’ve got to be something special to stand out to make a career out of it, which hopefully would mean some sort of talent. Or maybe some people want to be infamous. A throwaway comment gets picked up by the press and even though it’s negative they’re going to run with this and try to latch a career on to it, and like the saying goes, even bad publicity is better than none for these people who really want it.

At the moment I am closely watching a one trick pony who has recently appeared on a well known programme, they’ve acquired an agent and seem to be taking great pleasure in winding people up to get a reaction. As this person has no talent whatsoever I’m curious to see which lengths they will go to, as up to now we’ve had an alleged homophobic attack, and a kiss and tell that was probably fabricated, and this is all in the name of becoming famous, with the ultimate aim being to appear  on Big Brother.

As for me, I really need people to stop phoning me asking me to model the latest hearing aid, as I’m far too busy contacting the press about my night of passion with the local lollipop man.


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