That Elusive Spark

Most men on their profiles will mention “having a spark between us when we meet”….do I look like a box of matches?? Of course I know what they mean but you (dear readers) have not seen the photos have you? I wish it wasn`t illegal to post them but as a friend said if I was taken to court the judge would award ME damages due to the emotional distress I`ve had to endure looking at them….I kid you not….One of the latest did the usual “would like to meet” so I looked and there he was….Fandango21….his profile said he was 55. That man has not seen 55 for a long time…..not only that he was wearing an earing, a particular pet hate of mine.Reading through his profile he said his soulmate had to be nice looking and younger because he wasn`t sure if he wanted any more kids!! He would be different to any partner you`ve ever had and that`s a guarantee…(I don`t doubt that for a minute)  Oh and another favourite men say on profiles “friends say I`m good-looking/witty/generous……” Fandango was no exception. Apparently his friends say “he`s the funniest guy you will ever meet you`ll have tears streaming down your face”. Wow….how do I tell him he`s got a lot of competition for that title?….I can`t do it….I`m just going to message him and tell him his moisturiser`s not working……

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