DJ Play That Song.

Strip clubs and lap dancing venues have been around for quite a while now so I was surprised to read an article about objections being made when a popular strip club in Manchester applied to renew their license, on further investigation I was amazed to find out that the objections are being made by a group of “feminists” who are trying to close down strip clubs in every city up and down the country. Due to the fact that strippers are obviously thick as two short planks and can’t see that they’re being objectified and exploited (apparently) this particular group of white middle class women known as The Women’s Equality Party are trying to help them by getting the clubs closed down and therefore making sure all the women lose their jobs. From where I’m sitting that’s not exactly helping the sisterhood but I’m sure they’ll be able to direct the girls to the nearest food bank while they go on to the next city to try to help all the exploited working women (quite a few with families) who need their help.


These so called feminists are the type who campaigned against Page 3 in The Sun, grid girls and ring girls and probably doing their best to make it against the law to get wolf whistled at. It apparently doesn’t matter if a woman makes the choice to do these jobs, none are kicking and screaming and by all accounts being a grid girl/ring girl was a sought after job that women were queueing up to get. Strip clubs have strict house rules that both workers and customers have to adhere to and because they’re licensed it means that council officials will pay regular visits to make sure that these rules are in place, so by closing them, all you are doing is driving them underground where they won’t be licensed and the women working there might well end up being exploited so well done all you ladies of The Women’s Equality Party well done but I’m assuming you’re going to be helping all these ladies you’ve put out of jobs to pay their mortgage/rent/bills because that’s the least you can do when the women with families who like the hours these jobs provide as it fits round the kids end up on the breadline thanks to your moral high ground.

Apparently the pathetic reason that these awful women gave as to why a popular strip club in Manchester that has been there for years shouldn’t have their license renewed was that they said it must be intimidating for the women who live near to the strip club. Really? Listen love, I feel more intimidated as a woman walking through Piccadilly Gardens in broad daylight with all the idiots off their head on drink and drugs than walking down a street with a strip club advertised discreetly as a “Gentleman’s Club”. But let’s not forget the real sucker punch here, surely being a feminist means that women have the choice to do whatever they want? To have a group of feminists telling women that they don’t like the choice of job that certain women choose because they don’t like it, what’s up love, did Nigel get caught when you went through his pockets after a night out with the boys and found a card advertising a certain establishment. Stick to what you know, get back on your mumsnet forum asking is it ok if Lily’s headband matches Freddie’s socks and leave the grown ups to get on with it.

Jacqui Wright. Aged 60. Who would love to be objectified now.

Now could someone please tell the DJ which song I want to be playing when I make my debut working that pole.




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