Bullying Comes In Different Forms.

Bullying comes in different forms as anyone who’s been watching the events unfold on this season of Celebrity Big Brother will be able to tell you. Roxanne Pallett has given the performance of her life as she accused another housemate Ryan Thomas of physical assault, a dangerous accusation to make in front of strangers who don’t know each other well enough to work out if she could actually be lying. A playful tap from Ryan became an emergency call for an ambulance 5 minutes later. (Alright maybe not that drastic but it may as well have been.) A request to sleep in another bedroom as “she didn’t feel comfortable being in the same room” set the ball rolling for what became a really uncomfortable lesson in bullying. By the end of the next day the playful tap had now become repeated punches to her ribs according to Roxanne, and the guys were willing to believe her because why would she lie?

But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen bullying in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Remember Jade Goody? Jade was in series 3 of Big Brother and although she didn’t win she became the nation’s sweetheart with her ditsy ways and knack of getting things mixed up, so everyone was looking forward to seeing her enter the house again in season 5 of Celebrity Big Brother in 2007. Unfortunately what we saw was relentless bullying by Jade and a couple of the other housemates of the woman who eventually won, Shilpa Shetty. When Jade was evicted crowds were prevented from gathering outside the house and press conferences were cancelled, her agent dropped her and her perfume lines were hastily removed from the shops that sold them. Overnight she’d gone from hero to zero, until 18 months later while being in the Indian version of Big Brother she received the devastating news that she had cancer and by the time she died a few months later the nation had forgiven her.

Unfortunately for Roxanne, a couple of guys have come forward to say that she had also accused them of physical violence when working together, which makes some people think she might have mental health issues. I haven’t a clue if she has or she hasn’t all I know is I’ve watched a lie get bigger and bigger and no matter what, people know the difference between right and wrong but she clearly wasn’t going to back down and say that ok, maybe she over reacted a bit, she was enjoying the drama a bit too much unfortunately she’s forgotten that the house is full of hidden cameras. She’s clearly an underrated  actress as her acting skills are superb, but I’m not too sure we’ll get to see them again any time soon unless it’s in something already recorded.

But what I will say is this. When someone gets engaged to someone a week after meeting them I think that tells you all you need to know.



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