The Best Thing Of 2016.

I won’t bore you with telling you all about the good things that happened in 2016, (and there were actually quite a few) but the best thing ever happened right at the end of the year. In December, out of the blue, with absolutely no warning.

I’ve been in Salford for 5 years now so I’ve been on the social housing list for a while and I’d resigned myself to the fact that if I was lucky, I might get a one bedroomed flat in the area I’m already in which would be ideal as it’s close to work and also close to Media City which I absolutely love. So every week I would check the new listings but apart from the odd property being available (usually too far away, or on a rough estate, or just totally unsuitable as in sheltered accommodation) I usually drew a blank. So imagine my surprise when in early December  I had a letter from a housing association I’d never heard of, saying they were making me a provisional offer on a two bed flat just literally up the road from where I live. After housemate and I went to look at where it was, I knew I really really wanted it before I’d even viewed it. It was only 5 years old, on the second floor of a four storey block and I knew it was going to be quiet as one of the provisions of getting one of these properties was the fact that you had to be over fifty.

After completing the paperwork I got the keys on the 16th and while I had to go to work, housemate took over and proceeded to sort out the essentials. I work in retail, absolutely no chance of getting any time off at Christmas, but not to worry I just did a bit of packing every day and housemate would drop it off when he could. We agreed that the official moving in to my new place would be January 7th so that has given me time to buy a couple of big items in the sales, get them delivered and up and running. As housemate has had the keys ( I’ve probably only been in it a handful of times) he’s had one of his mates come and help him clean it, had his boyfriend plumb the washing machine in, (and then they had to test it on a quick wash with absolutely nothing in it and they’ve told me every single wash cycle on it) found where the bins are, met a few of the neighbours, and generally took the pressure off. He’s also gone with me to various shops, stores and outlets looking for stuff I need, although I’m trying to be a bit careful here as the trouble with buying anything second hand with the intention of only “making do” becomes permanent. I did that with a kitchen table once after we came back from Australia and I had it for 21 years when it was only supposed to be for a few months. I hated it.

Apparently my name had been forwarded to this particular housing association seeing as how I was a woman of a certain age, who’d have thought being older has it’s benefits? But imagine everyone’s disappointment when they see it’s actually me that’s moved in and not my housemate. Oh well.

Bring on 2017, I’m ready for you.



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