7 Random Facts About Me.

In response to a challenge that some of the ladies on Twitter were up for I jumped on this but as it’s only 7 facts there will be another post that will include a lot more.

1 Australia.

When I was married (long time ago) with a 2 yr old son and expecting my second child my ex husband was offered a job in Australia, and after thinking about it we decided to go with no intention of coming back. So off he went to start the job and I was left to sell the house while waiting for him to come back a couple of weeks before I was due to give birth. All went well and when my daughter was 3 months old we all travelled as a family to Australia to start a new life. I wish I could say that I loved it but I found it hard. Not so much looking after a new baby and a toddler but what Australia had to offer in the way of insects, spiders and anything else that walked swam or flew. We had actually bought a house in Melbourne but after 2 years we called it a day and came back to Manchester but I have absolutely no regrets, it just wasn’t for me.

2 Was once offered a part in a porn film.

When I was 23 I went to live in Gibraltar as it really is England in the sun and I loved it. I stayed a year working in a bar in a hotel and then eventually working in a bar /restaurant on the marina which I loved. One day I was followed down the street by a German guy who said he was a film director and wanted me in his next film. After explaining that I wasn’t an actress he said it didn’t matter but he stalked me for a few days begging me to be in this film. One evening while out with friends I was telling them this story and one of the guys said that he actually knew about him and that he was a porn film director. Looks like I missed a chance there then!

3. How I became a blogger.

Anyone who reads my blog will know how this started. Just over 5 years ago I should have been moving back to Gibraltar, long story short I ended up in Salford where I’ve had to stat a new life and part of that was online dating. Some of the dates were that bad ( we can all relate) that I started a blog about it. This led to writing for Metro for a year, being featured in Woman magazine and a few radio interviews. It also brings me to…

4. First Dates.

I absolutely love First Dates on Channel 4 and have watched it from the very first episode. Believe it or not Fred didn’t actually join First Dates until series 3 and I appeared on an episode as a main dater in series 4 and LOVED it! It was a long day though as I’d travelled from Manchester and as soon as I went to get changed I realised that I’d left part of my outfit including shoes, behind. Gutted. The production team really do want to match you with someone and a lot of work goes into it behind the scenes and luckily my date was everything I wanted in a guy, on paper. I had a great time even though he forgot my name and I answered, “Goddess”, but even though I knew he wasn’t into me  I could have lied at the end when they ask if you want to see each other again, which people seem to do every week. That was a great day, no regrets there.

5. Someone stole my profile once on POF.

When I first started online dating I wrote (even though I say it myself) a cracking profile. It took me ages to do it as I wanted to stand out and it wasn’t long before some lazy git stole it for himself and tweaked it so it was about him. Didn’t take my pics obviously but he sent me a message asking could he use the profile and I said of course not write your own!  Next thing he sent me a pic of his new profile which was mine and said “What do you think?” I reported it but nothing happened and now and again check to see if he’s still using it and after all this time he still is as he hasn’t got the brain cells to write another one.

6. I had the biggest baby in the hospital.

My first child was a boy and as I got bigger I wasn’t really that worried about it (having got good child bearing hips apparently) until nearer the end when the scans showed that actually, this was going to be a big baby. I won’t bore you with details but when he was born he weighed 10lb 13 oz. I can actually hear everyone’s intake of breath when they read this, but yes he was that big. Every single item of clothing had to go back and swapped for bigger sizes and he looked like he was already 3 months old. Thank god for caesarean section that’s all I can say.

7. Playboy.

When I came back from Gibraltar I got a job at the Playboy club in Manchester in the early 80’s and I absolutely loved that costume. Memoirs of a Playboy Bunny Part One is by far the most popular post on my blog and when Hugh Hefner died a few weeks ago I was asked to be a guest on Talk Radio on Dr Pam purr’s show on Saturday night. My one regret is that I don’t have a photo of me wearing that costume, but there it is.

So that’s it, my 7 random facts about me, hope you enjoyed them.

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That Was Then And This Is Now.

Everybody has a story. After realising that it’s exactly four years since I started writing a dating blog, maybe it’s time to explain why I started it in the first place.

Five years ago I sold up everything to start a new life abroad, my dream of thirty years was finally going to happen and I couldn’t wait. Having lived in Gibraltar in the early 80’s I always said that at some point I would go back there to live, so once the children had grown up and started their own lives it was now my time to fly. Having sold my house I moved in temporarily with my son in Salford while I set the wheels in motion to start my next chapter. As I’d been going over to Gib on a regular basis I’d managed to secure a job in a restaurant on the marina and was hoping to start at Easter, so in the meantime I took a temporary Christmas job at the local supermarket.

So far so good. It was all coming together, I could feel it, see it, taste it I was so close.

I was kept on at the supermarket and that was fine, it gave me something to do while I counted down the days to getting on the plane to start my new life and just before I gave a month’s notice I double checked with the manager I’d been dealing with at the restaurant, to make sure I was still starting at Easter as I was about to give my notice in. “Of course!” she said. So it was all systems go, I’d found a one bed flat to rent near to the beach and was getting ready to send the deposit when in the last week of working my notice I received a message on Facebook from one of the ladies who worked at the restaurant. She told me that it would seem that no one knew I was going to be working there and I was to ring the manager as the one I’d been dealing with hadn’t bothered to tell anyone. I rang Mark the manager who was obviously the one I should have been speaking to in the first place and we had a very painful conversation where he told me that unfortunately there was no job. No problem. I was still adamant about going as I knew I’d get a job and I already had accommodation sorted once I sent the deposit but the landlord had other ideas. Unfortunately no one would rent me anything without a job and as accommodation is scarce in Gibraltar I wasn’t prepared to take the chance and just go over this time like I did all those years ago, you get a bit more cautious when you’re older. Luckily for me I was able to keep my job at the supermarket  but to say I was disappointed I hadn’t gone is an understatement.

Obviously I now had to find somewhere new to live in Salford and this is how I’ve ended up sharing a flat with my lovely gay housemate. Once I’d got my head around the fact that I was now going to have to start a new life in Salford part of that was going to be dating so he helped me to set up a profile on dating sites. After a few bad dates I started a blog which has led to so many other things that sometimes I can’t quite believe it myself.

But here we are and I’m still looking for a guy who has both hair and a sense of humour, but I’ve accepted that my job is most likely going to my last one, I’ve accepted that I’ll be living here in Salford for a while yet but that’s fine. I don’t regret moving away from a place I’d lived in for over two decades as I still feel I had to take that chance. It might not have worked out in the way I thought I wanted but I still had to try and I don’t regret that. Yes it’s hard trying to start a new life in a place where you don’t know anyone, especially when you’re over 50, but I’m happy. It would seem that Madonna’s not the only one who can reinvent herself.

As for Gibraltar? I never ever think about it now.



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