Plastic Fantastic.

As women get older there is a certain pressure to maybe enhance their appearance by having a bit of cosmetic surgery, nothing major, just little procedures to keep the ladies looking fresh, and as we’re all (hopefully) going to be living longer a lot more people are probably going to be having some form of plastic surgery eventually. Gone are the days where the only thing on offer was a full face lift to get rid of lines, eye bags and droopy jowls and these days there are all sorts of  things you can have done that are in comparison, minor procedures.

Society doesn’t treat older women very well, they’re often being ignored in the workplace and overlooked for promotion in favour of a younger woman, their husbands/partners leave them for younger women and for some reason they are seen as having nothing to contribute now that their looks have faded regardless of years and years of life experience. It’s hard for any woman to start losing their looks so it’s understandable why so many ladies have fillers, lips done, liposuction, botox and boob jobs, as this must do wonders for a woman’s self confidence but sometimes you can start too soon.

Remember when Kerry Katona had all that surgery done when she was only 27/28?  The problem with having all that work done so young is that unfortunately it doesn’t last forever, so at some point you will probably have to have it all done again, maybe more than once. And let’s face it, surely it’s supposed to be an older woman’s thing to have done when her face/body is showing the ravages of time. A young woman isn’t going to need an eye-lift, or fillers to get rid of lines on her face, or lips done because they have thinned with age due to lack of collagen, leave that to the women (and men) who have tried their hardest to keep skin looking younger by using the expensive creams that advertisers assure us will take ten years off us. If that was the case these miracle creams would be a lot more expensive than they actually are and no one would have a plastic surgeon on speed dial. Living longer means a lot more people want to look good with age, and who can blame them? I just wish I was that brave but I’m not.

I’m certainly not against plastic surgery I just think it’s not for me. I’ve lived with this body for a long time and while it’s not a perfect one, in any shape or form, it’s the only one I’ve got. I know what are my best features and I know what are my worst so I try to make the most of what I’ve got while hoping that gravity has a couple of years off in the process. Years ago when I lived in Australia I had a new, small, flesh coloured thing appear on my face so I went to the doctor’s with it (high risk of skin cancer living in Oz) and was referred to a plastic surgeon to have it removed after I’d had a biopsy. On entering the office the doctor pointed to a brown mole on my cheek, “Is it that mole?” he asked, “As that’s the only one I can see.” My hand flew to my cheek as I said “God no! That’s part of my face!”  He couldn’t see the one I meant as it was quite small, but for me it was all I could see as it wasn’t what I was used to seeing. The mole he was referring to is one I’ve always had, one I don’t see, although I imagine it might be something people notice straight away and when he offered to remove it I declined. And this is the thing. If I won the lottery I’m pretty certain I still wouldn’t have anything “done” as my fear is that having a couple of procedures would only highlight how old and decrepit my body actually is so where do I start?  I’m used to how I look and I accept (doesn’t mean I like it) getting older, in fact the only thing I really miss is how slim I used to be, which if I put my mind to I could change. Add the fact that having a general anesthetic at anytime is a risk it would only be a matter of time before I need life saving surgery and that will be the time that my body lets me down, so here I am, listening to some of my friends talking me through things they’ve had done and while part of me is envious, I know I’d never do it.

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