Is There Anybody There?

A couple of weeks ago I ended up going to a psychic evening, never been to one before but the psychic in question was someone I’d seen on a programme a couple of years back about psychic mediums in the North West. The programme was in fact hilarious and had the potential to run for a series but instead it was just a one-off but it had obviously made some impact on me as I paid good money to go and see what this guy could or couldn’t do.

I don’t really believe that a whole group of spirits are waiting to send a message to a certain group of people waiting expectantly to hear from them, it’s a bit too convenient for me but I understand why people go and hope to hear something from a loved one. The thought of never seeing someone again is too much to bear and so all the people in that room are waiting and hoping to hear a message, anything at all from the other side which makes it easy to claim that yes, it’s aunt Mary with the gammy leg when given a generic description of a spirit with a message just for them. Some people might say this is a way of making money from people’s grief, while others say what’s the harm if people get comfort from it? Either way I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect so I clapped along with everyone else when the psychic walked in.

I got the impression that some of the people had been to see him before, and listening to people’s conversations it was clear that everyone hoped that he’d have something for them, except me, I didn’t want that at all I was just there for the ride but it had crossed my mind that quite possibly I might get chosen to hear a message from a loved one telling me that it’s ok, they’re happy and everything’s fine because that seems to be the standard message because really what else can they say?

So I sat back and watched.

I watched while this guy picked out people who sometimes claimed he was right, and others who claimed he was wrong but it was all a bit Derek Acorah for me. He could see these spirits and was also talking with them (apparently) but he said the same¬† to everyone after a brief chat which was the usual the spirits were watching over them but he also said that the spirits missed them which didn’t seem right but then again I’ve never been to one of these evenings before so what the hell do I know. But what did throw me was that this psychic used names and that’s unusual, there was no 15/20 guesses like “Jim, Billy, Jack no it’s Fred” this guy seemed to be spot on with every spirit’s name for some reason but then again he has a lot of followers on Facebook and I’m guessing that a lot of people who follow him have been in contact with him through Facebook, which might explain why he knew so much, just a thought.¬† Anyway, we were heading toward’s the interval when for me, it got a bit too much as he welcomed the spirit of a young man who’s mother was (conveniently) sat in the front row and he told her that her son was coming to give her a kiss and that she would feel a brush of cold air when he touched her. You can imagine how upset this woman was, she was absolutely sobbing but I’m guessing this is what she wanted to hear and if she got comfort from that who am I to judge. But like I said, that was a step too far for me and I left to go home so I’ll never know if there was a message for me but I do know I’ll never go back to one of these psychic evenings so if the spirits are watching over me (but I like to think everyone is having way too much of a good time to be watching over anyone) maybe it will be when I’m shopping and I’m on the wine aisle when I hear a whisper in my ear. “Jacqueline, step away from the wine”.







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