You’ve got to be Kidding.

A strange thing happened today. While on a break at work I received a text from an unknown number.”Hello?” So I replied back with the same question and waited patiently for a reply, while wondering who would have my number. “Are you Jacqui?” was the next question.By now I’d realised that this was probably a guy that I’ve been on a date with sometime but the question was who? I had to try and narrow it down without giving too much away but this guy was playing a game of his own. ” I take it you’re going through your phone and deleting people. I am Jacqui and we’ve probably been on a date.” He was quick to reply. ” I have an old message from you only just showing up on my phone!” When he sent me the message I remembered who he was.

Back in June I was having a decent conversation with this guy over a few evenings, and after deciding we were going to meet up, he sent me his number and asked me to text him the next day with the details of where and when we were meeting. But he did warn me. ” I’m in Anglesey and the signal might be really bad but try it anyway.” So the next day I sent a message with details he needed to know and I didn’t hear back but I did notice he was on the dating site we’d been chatting on later that evening, so I sent a message on that too. Nothing. So I left it, but I did wonder what he was playing at as every night he seemed to be online but it was always later on, after 11 pm. “Oh I remember sending you that message, no way have you just got that now! I think I sent you one on the dating site too, but obviously the week or so in Anglesey totally stuffed up your phone as you don’t seem to have received that one either.”  But this guy was having fun. ” Sorry about this but I still don’t know who you are can you remind me? ” So I reminded him of a couple of conversations and lo and behold he remembered me. After asking was I still single, maybe we could chat again and the most recent message about an hour ago mentioned that maybe we could meet up? Enough was enough.”It’s ok. You can delete my number.”

As excuses go this is probably the best/worst I’ve ever had. He was probably playing a couple of us and it’s not worked out with whoever, but you’re going to have to do better than that “D”. Don’t insult my intelligence by assuming that I’m going to believe that outrageous lie, but worse than that, you’ve thought I would be flattered about being Plan B. As if.

Always be the star, never the understudy.




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