Shoot Me Now.

It’s been a busy week on dating sites as I’m sure everyone using sites/apps will agree. A combination of a long Easter weekend and the start of lighter evenings made Sunday evening one of the busiest I’ve had in a while. In fact, I was having difficulty trying to keep conversations going with so many guys but everyone knows not to expect a reply straight away, as everyone is doing the same thing. This in itself isn’t a problem, you can have conversations and some will naturally fizzle out, but it’s when you’re getting on with someone and just about to swap numbers and then you never hear from them again, or the “Hopefully chat tomorrow?” and you know you probably won’t hear from them. It’s not “ghosting” as that would mean an actual relationship, this is just guys keeping their options open.

Dating sites are meant to be just that, but it’s very tricky to actually secure one as it would seem that as much as someone says they would like to meet up, it never quite happens. Probably because most guys (can only speak from a woman’s point of view here, maybe women do the same, I don’t know) are looking for a prettier, funnier, younger version of the woman that they’ve just spent an hour chatting with but trust me, you won’t find her mate. I’ve lost count of the number of men who get back in touch with me weeks/months later trying to pick up where they left off but by that time I’ve lost interest.

I did receive a message though from someone who said he would have been interested but the fact I wear makeup puts him off. Not sure what he wanted me to do about that, same as a guy who got in touch ages ago and said the same thing, but about my hair colour, he would rather it was blonde. What can I say? This is what you get guys, take it or leave it but I won’t be changing anything soon, but if I did it would be because I wanted to do it for myself. Everyone has a tick list and I’ve learned I’ve had to compromise on some things but that’s partly because of the age group I’m dating, but if I was getting on with someone who only ticked most and not all of the boxes I would certainly give them a chance and I would like to think vice versa. If guys on dating sites are supposed to be looking for someone (not “the one” I hate that phrase) maybe try actually going on a date sometime instead of looking for the perfect person you will never find.

A word of warning though to women of a certain age. When a guy says he has a “wicked sense of humour” what he really means is that he wants someone to listen to the same old boring jokes you’ve heard a million times before, I don’t know about you, I just haven’t the patience.

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