Shirley Valentine. I feel your pain……

Looking through profiles I notice that a few of the guys mention that they don`t want to go on holiday on their own (who does?)  so I`m assuming that they don`t bother… guy even said he`d love to visit his brother in Australia but would rather wait until he found someone to go with which I thought was quite sad.So all these men have basically put their lives on hold until they meet someone….pathetic.But this reminded me of the time I went on holiday on my own (quite unintentional
Quite a few years ago a friend “J” and I were planning a weeks holiday to the Costa Del Sol. We decided we were going to book it about 6 weeks before we were due to go, hoping to get it cheaper. This wasn`t that long after I`d broken up with my ex-husband so I was really looking forward to it but as we got closer to the time of booking it I had noticed that J wasn`t even mentioning it so I asked her to tell me what was going on? “I`m really sorry but I`ve not booked the time off work and now I can`t get it off what are you going to do?” Oh my god I couldn`t believe it…”What am I going to do? I`m going J! I`ve booked the time off work, saved the money, got the kids sorted and I don`t want to wake up in an empty house on Sunday morning look out of the window at the rain and wished I`d gone! And you J are taking me to the airport!” She didn`t expect that I could tell and it was only after I`d actually said it that I started thinking,could I go on my own? I went to the travel agent before I could talk myself out of it and booked a week in Torremilinos, in August, paying through the nose for single supplement.J took me to the airport.”Can`t believe you`re doing this” I bit my tongue before answering “Haven`t much choice really have I?”.
The hardest part for me was actually waiting to be checked in as everyone is looking at everyone else to see who`s going to be on their plane and I stood out like a sore thumb….single woman going on holiday on her own… sad. But I had my story ready and it wasn`t long before someone sidled up and asked “You on your own then?” I tried to look tearful. “Yes,it should have been my honeymoon and it was too short notice to find someone to come with me.If you don`t mind I`d rather not talk about it”. Word soon got round and I`m quite sure that  by the time I boarded that plane everybody knew my story. This went in my favour though as when we got to the hotel I made quite a lot of new friends who all felt sorry for me and insisted on me spending time with them instead of on my own,. In fact I had a great time…..
The second time I`d planned to go on my own but as I was about to book it a woman I worked with asked could she come along. Now I`d heard a few rumours about “T” but I felt a bit under pressure so I agreed. We ended up in the hell hole known as Loret-de-Mar and as it was evening when we landed we hit the bars straight away.The very first bar we walked  into T got talking to a guy and as I turned to her and said “Shall we try somewhere else” I could see she was getting very friendly with him so she said”Well actually I`m quite happy here” So I left them to it and went back to the apartment. I didn`t see T for two days…..
When she finally turned up I`d made friends with some other people and she tried to tag along but I was fuming…”Finally kicked you out of bed has he?” She said they were still seeing each other but I didn`t believe it especially when he stopped me one night.”Hi,I`ve given T my number and my address. Could you go through her bag and find it and destroy it?” “Well no I don`t think I want to do that. And let me tell you this, she is the type of girl who WILL turn up on your doorstep and do you know what? It serves you right”. The rest of the holiday was spent watching T trying to make this idiot jealous by getting off with randomers.Pure entertainment for us all but I really wished I`d gone on my own……

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