Please Miss…We don’t like the new girls..

Back in 1972 my Mother decided to take us all to Bath to live (she’d left my dad) as her parents and her sister lived there. At the time I was 14 and my sister a year younger and both of us were enrolled at City of Bath Girl’s Grammar School, also known as Hayesfield. The school was lovely an old building set in these gorgeous grounds and everyone was nice (well,probably not but I’ve got my rose tinted specs on) Both my sister and I made new friends easily enough and we were enjoying ¬†school when for some reason someone decided that our school was going to merge with a local comprehensive, West Twerton Secondary Modern. Our school was to have the older 4th/5th year age group so as you can imagine we were all a bit apprehensive.
September came and so did the new girls and god were they rough. The ringleader of the girls from West Twerton in our peer group was “S.” Small and looking like a rat she was never ever on her own and she and her gang used to walk round making comments about all of us until one day in the classroom she flicked a ruler into the face of the leader of our group “C.”(she didn’t wear regulation school uniform her white blouse was a fashion one with cherries on the collar and her 18 year old boyfriend was engaged to someone else which for some reason made her our leader) A hush descended….then C uttered the immortal words (under her breath but the rat heard her) “F**K OFF”. War was declared.
From that day on none of us was safe as the Twerton girls came into school with knuckle dusters, baseball bats and even knives.
It was soon apparent that these girls meant business so a lot of girls were kept off school, including my sister. Mum looked at me.”Do you not think you should stay at home?” ¬†No chance. I was far too nosy and involved for that.To be fair S was probably waiting to get C on her own (which was never going to happen) but everyone else was getting caught in the crossfire,but by this time the school was staggering the times of letting everyone out at the end of the day. Our group were all allowed out first and generally made a run for it but the atmosphere was getting tense.
One day a group of us were eating our school dinner next to a table near a window and as usual S and her fan club had tracked us down and she was shouting and swearing at us all through the window when next thing her hand went through it.We all looked in horror and someone told her not to pull it back out. She looked terrified but we all looked at the amount of glass strewn across our food on the table, got up, walked out and left her to it. The same week a teacher was stabbed so as that was on the local news something had to be done….Not long after that mum decided we were going back up North. Nothing to do with the genteel school in Bath but I often wonder what happened to S. Probably married to a “professional gambler”, had four kids and is often in court due to the neighbours complaining about them.

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  1. Wow! very interesting Jacqui. I am shocked (truely!) that violence in school was around in the early 70s.I certainly had my Rose Coloured Spectacles on!!!

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