Passion Killers……

Now I realise that it`s different strokes for different folks but I think more than a few of you will be in agreement to some of mine……Last week I had a date. Just coffee as I`ve stopped meeting anyone in the evening as it`s a bit of a commitment (meaning you have to spend more than an hour with them) so I arranged to meet “C” at 1 o`clock. He was already there when I was walking towards the meeting place but it took a few minutes to recognise him, purely because he`d put on at least 2 stone since his photo (just the one!!) had been posted.If anyone has seen that programme “Catfish” you will know exactly how I felt. It`s about people who are having a relationship on-line with someone they have never met, doesn`t exist who has numerous fake facebook accounts/photos/lives and it always ends with the fake person looking nothing like their photo… did C. Ok I only have to waste an hour with this guy so yeah, that`s fine until as I walked towards him he sort of looked me up and down which for some reason really bugged me. That hour has now halved to 30 minutes mate……
Over coffee I asked him was it a recent photo? “Well I`ve had a couple of relationships off this site and it`s the same one I put on when I first started, oh about 7 or 8 years ago”.Oh you don`t say….”So your last relationship didn`t end well then?” I asked him. “I was with her just over a year and it ended 6 weeks ago and that was when I put myself back on the site”. Talk about getting back on the horse!! “Ye.ah she had a teenage daughter so it wasn`t going to work”. I was confused. ” Not sure what you mean as she had this daughter when you met?” “Well yeah but the daughter kept giving my son funny looks” Oh I see…..I reckon this woman has had a lucky escape.After telling me he was just “looking for anything” I called it a day. In the meantime hubby was having his own problems…….
After swapping txts and photos and then chatting, hubby was looking forward to meeting “S” for coffee at the Quays when he got a txt. “Is it pay and display as I`m driving?” Hubby replied “Well yeah it`s the Lowry outlet.” Another text “Is there anywhere else to park? It`s not that I`m tight or anything” But yes you clearly are but hubby replied anyway “You can always get the tram” Another text, “What? You clearly don`t know me very well as I don`t do public transport!” That`s fair enough but for hubby that was his passion killer…..”Tell you what, let`s leave it for another time shall we? I think it might be better next week”.This guy apparently has a really good job and he`s quibbling about 2/3 pounds parking and what he didn`t know was that hubby would have paid for his coffee! His loss…..
Another thing for me is when you`ve been “chatting” on-line and getting on then you have the phone call……and you just go right off  them.Not because of what they`ve said, it`s the tone of voice if that makes any sense? I clearly want it all…… But the ultimate passion killer is someone who will not use a condom. I find this so disrespectful but anyone reading the papers will know that std`s are on the rise in my age group more than any other and there are a couple of reasons for this. A lot of guys have had vasectomys and seem to think being as you can`t get pregnant you don`t need a condom so that`s a safe bet they never use `em….another reason is menopausal women with the same reason but of course let`s not underestimate the usual “I`m allergic/don`t do them big enough/I`ll withdraw” arguements.I myself have a door policy….If you`re not wearing a jacket, then you can`t come in……..

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