I’ve Got a New Fan Club.

Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it on here (don’t think I have) but in the past few months I’ve been writing for Metro news, lifestyle blogs, usually about dating.You know the type, “10 things you only know if…” tongue in cheek stuff but I have to say there is probably a grain (if not more) of truth in everything I write.This has never been a problem until a couple of weeks ago when a particular post seemed to be a lot more popular than anything I’d had published in Metro previously.
This resulted in my first troll.This guy had tracked me down on Facebook and left a bit of a scathing message about my thinking that all men over 50 have particular traits. He was different (he said) and how dare I generalise and assume all men are the same.Taking a closer look at him I looked on his Facebook page and noticed that even though he was balding at the front he had really long hair at the back of his head. And wearing a vest. Trying too hard to be the oldest swinger in town,the prosecution rests it’s case m’lud.
If I was going to get trolled I initially thought it would have been on Twitter until I remembered that most of the guys I know over 50 aren’t on Twitter. Having given a picture of myself and short bio to Metro he’d actually taken the time and effort to find me to tell me what he thought. After the initial shock I blocked him and that was that. Or so I thought.
Clicking on to the link to that particular post this morning to send it to someone, I noticed that there had been a few comments left on it. Over 80 in fact and nearly all of them were haters. Reading through them there was obviously a theme, quite a few people seemed to think that I’ve recently been dumped by someone and that I’m a feminist (like that’s an insult) a woman who should get out more, and a couple of them actually said that I would never find someone while I was living with a gay man. Most of these were obviously sent by older men but believe it or not a few were sent by women. Did I respond to any? God no, you don’t give them oxygen but for a few minutes there I was actually a bit upset before I got annoyed at the fact that all these people who don’t know me, never met me, had made all these assumptions about me.
Well they’d better get used to it,as hopefully I’ll be writing more posts for Metro and other publications and a few people with sad little lives, too much time on their hands, can make as many comments as they like.What’s that saying?
If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. You ain’t seen nothing yet.