I`ve Been Upgraded!!

As I`ve mentioned to my offspring I was thinking of joining Match.com one of them bought me a month`s subscription as a birthday present….I must admit I got a bit giddy until after a couple of days I realised…..just because I`m on a paying site doesn`t actually make them better looking. But I was enjoying the experience as it is a bit different from Plenty Of Frogs in that guys don`t actually message much, they just wink instead….and if I wink back then what?? I`ve hardly had any messages as such but I have had a couple from a 26 year old in Grampian Scotland. (Hang on…..my search was for local guys in the age range of 45-55) and this is what he said ….” Hi! Can`t believe you`re 55! (neither can I ) I`ll bet you`re inundated with messages!” but there`s the thing….I`m “fresh meat” as it were and the guys don`t get in touch!! Anyway I replied to “S” and said he`d be better off  concentrating on girls his own age. Let`s be honest, I wasn`t flattered I was just waiting for the true reason he`d got in touch and I didn`t have to wait long….after a couple of days I had another message…”So…have you any children?” I replied with yes got one of each…and here it is…the 64 Million Dollar Question……”Err…have any of your son`s friends had a bit of a crush on you?”…..Ha Ha!! Can see where this is going so obviously didn`t reply!! But the weird thing is I`ve had a couple of young guys been in touch which I wouldn`t expect when they are  not in my search and don`t live anywhere near them. In the meantime because I`ve got a new toy I`ve been ignoring POF until today where I find I`ve actually been missed by “P”.
“Hello J where have you been all week? I looked really smart at my interview for Sefton Council because back in the 70`s I had a job at Burtons for a week so I know how to dress correctly. Why did you disappear for a week? I`m going caddying tomorrow for my friend but I don`t fancy sausage and chips this week, think I`ll have fish instead with 4 pints of lager”. 
Another guy had messaged (on POF) and his profile says this…”I`m looking forward to meet the Soul to my Golden Heart who is slim, slender, a blonde or brunette, soft spoken,modernly well dressed. I will walk with her, never let her down, to hold each other warmly,tenderly guaranteed. My aim is to own the best cars, a lovely cottage, shopping for only branded items such as Gucci, Reebok.Slazenger”     I`m betting this guy isn`t British……and he got in touch with me??!!…..

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