I’m Not Good Enough For The Undateables.

Anyone who watches the dating show The Undateables will fall a little bit in love with each and every one of the brave singles who go on the show looking for love. For most of us, looking for love is hard enough as it is, but for this particular group of singles the odds are stacked against them for various different reasons. At first glance you might actually feel a bit sorry for them but then you see them winning over a potential girlfriend/boyfriend by having such enthusiasm about actually being on a date (as well as having a fantastic sense of humour/personality).

What I love though about these daters is the fact they don’t judge their dates on their looks. They don’t judge a person’s dress sense, haircut, tone of voice, music choice, or how long they’ve been single, or height preference, smoking/not smoking, are they vegan, city types or not even working, all the things that we usually find fault with in potential dates are of no consequence to this group of daters. They’re not on any dating apps so haven’t become jaded with the whole process of going on multiple dates (which as we know is sheer hard work) because they’re not the shallow judgemental people that we all are. It’s lovely to watch someone get dressed up and be so excited about going on a date, wondering if their shirt/dress looks ok. That’s not to say that this group of daters don’t have standards, because they clearly do as not every date works out but on the whole it’s usually a success story as the dating agency that is being used have done their best to match them up. But what I have noticed is that on nearly every date the man has usually brought some sort of gift to present to his potential girlfriend, how lovely is that? It’s all down to the lovely parents making sure that their sons/daughters have impeccable manners, dignity, hope, and most of all they’ve been taught to respect other people.

When you fill in an application form to appear on Channel 4’s First Dates they actually ask you would you go on a date with someone with a disability? Me being the shallow creature that I am said “No.” so although I always say I’m dating the wrong guys when I watch The Undateables, as a matter of fact I would actually not be good enough to go on it which makes me feel ashamed of myself. Who ever said “Nice guys finish last” needs to watch  this programme as it teaches all of us daters a lesson and while we all love a happy ending it does make you question why we’ve made it so hard for ourselves.

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