I want those drugs……

It`s been one of those weeks where everyone on POF has been a little bit crackers.One guy messaged me…”Hello, are you working today? I can meet you this afternoon,” Total stranger, not exchanged a word with him so of course I didn`t reply. Another one….”How are you?”……Yet another,”What are you doing?” I didn`t reply to any but it didn`t stop him the next evening.”Hope you`ve had a good day.”….”Are you still there?”…..”Are you dancing round your handbag?”…..”Have you fell asleep?Lol!”….And my favourite “Hope we can chat again!x” In the end I told him as I hadn`t replied please leave me alone to which he said “I just want to get to know you”……ok gloves have had to come off. “I have had to block you for unwelcome attention. for god`s sake if someone doesn`t reply it means they`re NOT INTERESTED!!!” On the same evening I had “F” message me,”Hi, you know my neighbour “S” Oh my god! His neighbour is butterdish S so I replied “Yes I do hope he`s ok”. “Oh he is but I`ve noticed on your profile it says you`re a Christian, what does that mean to you?” What? It`s a box you have to tick and yes I went to Sunday School but that`s about it! He went on…”I`m born again, there is no other Christian, I don`t have a church or anything an`I am baad! Knowmsayyn! But I believe I could say more, depends how deep you`re at. I have a shaved head like the Budmeister but I am a Christian and believe in the redeeming power of Yeshua. One is only a Christian if you are born again. This was explained to Nicodemus”….Bloody hell I must have missed that one at Sunday School but I replied “F, has no-one ever told you that you never talk about religion or politics? Especially when trying to impress……”     On the same evening I had a message from good old “C” who I have exchanged messages with but purely as friends (which he knows) but I think this particular night he was a bit giddy as he said ” Had a brilliant day! My bird came first in the Norfolk show out of 800! Had my trophy presented to me by Princess Anne! Would have been great if I`d had you there under my arm….” C has a poultry farm and is always trying to make me jealous by telling me about other women he`s been chatting with….but I really couldn`t care less as I don`t fancy him but I replied “That`s great C! I think the phrase you mean is “on my arm” but I`m pleased for you”.Then he said “Not met anyone on here yet J?” “Obviously not”…”Mmmm and we could have been a couple by now”. For god`s sake! “You live too far away C!” And then I got “J…just give me your number, it would be nice to chat the odd time, I`m genuine and lovely to chat to, here`s my number…..” When I didn`t reply I got another message “Just open up to me love, I`m one of the good guys” And he just might be but he lives too far away and I can tell with our conversations he`s not my type so I haven`t been responding for a while as he keeps hoping I`ll change my mind. Clearly he`d had a great day and possibly a drink and just wanted to share his good news which is fine…until we start getting a bit pushy but we have exchanged the odd sentence or two since……Next evening I get a message from “P” who`s profile says “I don`t drink or smoke. I don`t go out often becauseI hate coming home to an empty house. All my friends say that they wish they were me, doing what I want to do, when I want to do it and I have no-one to answer to.” Hmmm….think you`re friends might be winding you up there P as you sound a lonely lonely man…….Now, what planet am I orbiting again??

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