“I thought you didn`t smoke!”…..

People often ask me what it is I look for in a man. Main thing for me has GOT to be a sense of humour so it`s always nice to have banter with someone when you`re trying to get to know them. This was probably the main reason I agreed to meet “S” after messages and then a couple of phone calls…..”I`ll come to Manchester(from Stockport) where would you like to go?” I thought fora minute…..usually the guys all say that it`s best if I decide as they don`t really know Manchester that well.”Actually I don`t mind if you decide” I told him. “Oh well in that case as I`m coming in on the train from Stockport how about if we meet in a back street pub that I know of behind Piccadilly Station”. What?? I certainly didn`t know any back street pub so I told him to give me directions and take it from there…….
On the tram heading towards my date I was sure we wouldn`t be staying there the whole evening but it still didn`t really make any sense as there`s a couple of nice bars just further down from the station so why the one behind? Crossing the road to the pub I recieved a txt ….”I`m parked in the side street”…I replied.”There`s no way I`m getting into a car with someone I don`t know, I`m outside the pub”.Two minutes later he was there.”What`s the problem? It`s not like I was going to kidnap you!” Making our way in S bought the drinks and we went to sit down, and as the conversation went on he was asking rather personal questions….there was no banter, which was rather confusing.Mind you it didn`t really help as he was wearing one of those leather jackets that have elastic round the waist, and black trousers…..definately a staple of older man looking smart wardrobe…..I asked him the question “Thought you were coming on the train?”,”Decided to drive at the last minute. Do you mind if I just nip out for 5 mins? Just need a ciggie”…..I looked at him “I thought you didn`t smoke!”  “I know it says that on my profile but I do keep meaning to quit, and anyway, you get more options if you say you`re a non-smoker!” and he winked at me….. When he came back he asked me what I was looking for,”Someone with a great sense of humour and oh! Someone who doesn`t lie is always good”. He replied, “That`s a bit unfair, it`s not like I`m able to sit here cracking jokes and you`re annoyed at the smoking are you?” It was definately time to go….”It`s not the smoking,it`s the fact you lied and I`m afraid I DO have a problem with that.”….An hour had passed. “What do you want to do now?” “To be honest I`d rather go now…..got a huge pile of ironing at home”…..after offering to drive me home (I declined) we left obviously never to meet up again. As I was walking back to the tram stop I spotted Peter Barlow from Corrie coming out of one of the nice bars.I had to stop myself from saying to him, “I should have been in there with you Peter having a cocktail. You could have had a soda water I wouldn`t have minded!”….On the tram home I couldn`t believe it…the whole of Manchester to choose from and we end up at the back of Piccadilly Station…but as a friend pointed out, he was probably married….didn`t want to be seen and probably got the car at the last minute…..and she`s probably right………

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