I like modern music…..

It must be hard to get out of a time warp…..this must be why so many men are in it. Most men don`t seem to realise that music was still being made after 1979 as nearly everyone of them likes music from the 60`s/70`s…god you`d think they would want to listen to something else? Now and again you`ll get the odd one who will say he likes modern music and without exception this will include Adele,The Script and if they`re really out there……Elbow. Then there are the guys into Rock,well, that`s the genre that they think Status Quo are in…..all wearing the same uniform of receding hairline with a straggly grey ponytail,skin tight jeans and an earing. If they really want to impress they`ll be wearing a waistcoat…I know,depressing isn`t it? Where did this “fashion statement” start?? Probably back at Beaulah Baptiste youth club with +Franny Ward playing Norman Greenbaum`s Spirit in the Sky….and all the greasers doing that stupid dance they used to do…..which then obviously transferred to when they were adults.You`re going to have to face it guys, Status Quo are NOT going to have you working with them as a roadie….
Which brings me to the guys who feel they have to mention the fact that they have their own hair and teeth. Looking at a couple of their photos they`re not going to be able to say that much longer…..I`ll have to inform trading standards,false advertising is a crime…..I can see where you`re coming from because yes, technically a comb over IS your own hair but it`s very thin and I can actually see quite a lot of your scalp…… One photo was a bald guy wearing glasses and he`d written “Since this photo was taken I`ve lost 2 stone, got contact lenses and grown my hair” How old is this photo? Never mind this old photo where`s the new improved you? You`re just teasing me now…….but he`s not the only one who has said this. I just don`t understand why you don`t put a picture on showing off the new improved version instead of “Since this photo I`ve been swimming and lost 10 stone,I`ve booked a holiday and got a new cat”……I`m quite sure women do the same. But that`s another post……..