Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow….

Having had a preference for guys with a great haircut back in the day, it’s really difficult to accept that most guys my age now have lost a lot of their hair and try as I might I don’t find a bald/shaved head attractive in the slightest, of course I wish I did as it would make finding someone so much easier but there you go. I’m really lucky in that I have a lovely head of thick hair ┬ábut in the past this has brought it’s own problems as I’ve ended up getting tangled with my hairdresser when I really shouldn’t have done (not all male hairdressers are gay contrary to popular belief.)
In 1976 I bought my first set of heated rollers after having my quite long hair cut into layers due to watching the tTV show “Charlie’s Angels”. All the girls wanted to be an “Angel” and the rollers could transform you into thinking you looked like Jill/Kelly/Sabrina every time you used them. Forget the idiots walking around on a Saturday afternoon with rollers in their hair these days, back then a couple of us actually had them in as we were driving to the nightclub and were hastily taking them out as we pulled up outside and then it was a mad dash to the “ladies” to sort our hair out, along with everyone else. No footballers to impress then girls, it would be the DJ! A few years later and I’m living in Gibraltar where one day I walked into the local chemist shop and behind the counter is Yvette who was Miss Gibraltar that year. This particular day I’d had the trusty rollers in and my hair was looking good. “Who does your hair?” asked Yvette. I had to laugh. Every year Gibraltar has to try to encourage the local girls to enter Miss Gibraltar and they’re lucky if they get six girls even when they’re offering a cash incentive to enter. This particular year Yvette was the winner but she resigned after going to the Miss World competition (think it was all too much) but on the day she asked me about my hair I was laughing at the fact that a Miss World contestant working in a chemist in Gibraltar had asked ME about my hair.
After getting back from Gibraltar I went working for Playboy as a Bunny and the rule was if you had long hair then it had to be curled so that meant going to work an hour early just to get ready which wasn’t a problem as the dressing rooms were fully equipped with rollers/make-up and everything else a Bunny needs not to mention two “Bunny Mothers” who looked after everyone.The only thing was that the hour spent getting ready was an hour where you didn’t get paid.
Which somehow brings me to C`s latest date a couple of weeks ago.She’d met a guy on Match and as he ticked a lot of boxes she’d phoned me and told me all about it. Perfect gentleman by all account, paid for dinner, got on like a house on fire and she was looking forward to seeing him again and as he’d appeared on a video concerning his job where he’s working on the development of roads in a seaside town she sent me the link. After watching it I sent her a text.”What’s going on with his hair?” She text back “What? He`’got a lovely head of hair!” Of course he did….but it was looking a lot like Cliff Richard’s.
They met again a few days later and unfortunately that comment I made played on her mind so when they were saying goodbye and having a kiss she raised one arm to hold the back of his head, he swiftly pulled her arm back down. She tried again and got the same response so the day after she text him. “Something’s been bothering me. Is there a reason that you pulled my arm away from your head yesterday?” He replied, “Well yes.” Oh now we have it..”And the reason is?” He didn’t reply and when she phoned him his phone was switched off. A few days later he got in touch and explained that yes it was a full wig and this is how he wanted to look so what’s the problem? C let him know exactly what the problem was, “Sorry.I don’t date men who wear wigs.” So it`s back to the drawing board…….

2 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow….

  1. Yes back to the drawing board for me! no wigs, no short men, no bald heads, no trainers, the list goes on…..shame i don't write a list when i go shopping as i always come home with things i don't want, a bit like my dating life,so its off to get a bigger drawing board i guess xxx

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