Girls who are boys who like boys to be girls…

Believe it or not I`ve had a couple of messages from 3 or 4 guys who are cross dressers.Usually the pictures show them dressed as their alter-ego and some of them are looking for different things….One or two are looking for a girlfriend as in,a partner…..which is quite brave when you think about it.But I suppose by putting yourself out there then hopefully there will be no misunderstanding.(Alex Reid take note) One who messaged has no picture but says “I have a fondness for sometimes wearing women`s clothing (I`m in my early 50`s) and make up.Sometimes I visit a ladies hairdressing salon for a shampoo and set and to have my make up done for me.I enjoy being pampered and treated as one of the ladies. I love hairdressing capes,especially silky feminine ones and love having them put on me. I enjoy the whole experience,even sat under the dryer chatting away with staff and clients.” This begs the question…how long is his hair??! One or two are looking for female friends to go shopping with…they don`t want you as a girlfriend but as a girl-friend to share girlie experiences with….and one message I got was..”I hope I don`t offend anyone but I used to be a woman. I`m as normal as the next guy if not more normal…..I am seeking a lady friend who wants to meet up for drinks,the odd meal, friendship to start with.I`m just your average guy looking for a lady..” Well…let`s hope he finds her….but I`ll be honest I would have a problem with that……it`s been hard enough sorting out the wheat from the chaff as it is without any added complications…..!!

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