Full Moon……

And don`t we know it…..I don`t care what anyone says some people DO act differently when there`s a full moon so it was only to be expected when I got a message from “P”…..”Hi, we have actually spoken some time ago. Just thought I`d let you know I`ve had a stroke recently”. Right…..first off, I don`t remember him (and I`m good with faces) and secondly what response is he looking for?? Here goes.”Sorry to hear that, you ok now?” And then I get “Ish…” Hmm….well I`m truly sorry to hear that but to be fair I`m not getting into a conversation about it so I didn`t reply, obviously I wasn`t Florence Nightingale in a previous life.But the big surprise this week was from “A” who I was speaking with a few months ago who thought he`d try his luck once again.”This is just a rhetorical question.What would you like on a first date?” Well now.A has asked me out before and when I turned him down he got a bit nasty so naturally I was a bit wary but I replied “I would like someone to take charge just once and tell me what they`ve got planned”.It wasn`t long before I got a reply…..”Oh if I could take you out I would pick you up and we`d drive to Wales and look at some gardens”….WHAT?? Wales? Gardens? “Thank you for your kind offer but (a) I wouldn`t be getting in a car with a stranger and (b) it`s a long day if we don`t really like each other.” He soon replied. “Oh of course I was only joking. Would just meet for a drink.” No A, you weren`t joking but let`s play……..
After a couple of conversations we had a chat on the phone and that`s when I heard all about his daughter who seems to rely on her parents for an awful lot even though she  left uni a while ago.We arranged to meet a couple of days later and then the next day I got a txt.”So, I know you live near Manchester centre so how about you sort it out?” My heart sank.He clearly had not listened to a word I`d said but I had noticed that had asked me the same questions more than once which could mean either (a) he wasn`t listening or (b) he was in a conversation with a few other women.(my vote`s on (b)) so I sent this txt…….This is what I put on Twitter….”Just for once I`d like a guy to make the arrangements for a first date…I`d be so impressed, instead of the usual “Oh you live near the city centre you sort it.” and you wonder why I`m not in a rush to meet you”. Didn`t take long.”Out of order! I`m in Bury so never get to  Manchester!”….Really A? Never? Says it all, one tram…..anyway…..”You live near the Quays so I`ll meet you there at 8″. Which got me thinking….Thought it was me reclining on this rock? I`m a mermaid,I`m NOT supposed to be swimming out to you guys dragging you by the hair….(oh that`s right ..you have none)!!
But do you know what really got me? After I`d agreed to a date, every night on POF he`d send me a message telling me about ex-girlfriends who`d been in touch ,usually asking him to meet up for whatever reason….(tax returns,problems with an ex boyfriend)  but he didn`t realise. I`ve had a relationship with someone else who felt he had to prove himself, back in the day….When I was with idiot D ( back when I was 18/19) who, wherever we went, always felt the need to prove himself by picking out the most gorgeous girl and telling me that he`d had a relationship with her. One night we were in a nightclub on a Wednesday night not far from where I lived and as we were on the balcony looking down I was waiting for the inevitable pointing out (from D) to the most gorgeous girl when I saw that it was actually someone that I knew…….so when he did the predictable I said “Oh my god! It`s Chris! Let`s go down and say Hi!”…he did exactly what I knew he would.as by this time the blinkers were off….”Oh. Hmmm…oh no it`s not who I thought I was.”…. so I`m sorry A, if you`re going to be a player (at 58) you`ll have to do better than that…….

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