Club Tropicana drinks are free….

Well no George…not in the 80`s they weren`t. As I`ve been looking for a holiday to book for the past week and getting more and more infuriated at the cost of all the add-ons it got me thinking to when I went abroad for the first time.
Back in 1980 my wing man M and I decided to go on holiday that summer so we went to the town centre and started looking in the windows of all the travel agents.For some reason we fancied Cornwall and paid a deposit to stay at a B&B for two weeks in August which we were both really excited about.When it came to paying the full amount we were told something ridiculous along the lines of we would have to take our own toilet roll so the travel agent suggested that we could actually have a holiday abroad for the same amount.M and I looked at each other..we`d never considered this but would definately try it so that`s how we came to end up in Benidorm. At that time, the price in the travel agent`s window was the price you paid and get this…no luggage restrictions, an in-flight meal was part of the package and so was your transfer.We were also going full board (no all-inclusive then) which probably meant we`d never make breakfast but luckily lunch would be served at twelve…bloody marvelous!
A holiday for 2 weeks is what everyone did back then, usually in the height of summer and when you were buying holiday clothes that`s what they were…holiday clothes, so when your case got on that plane there was an entire brand new wardrobe which was 14 different outfits for every night and maybe 14 pairs of shoes which had been packed in your case for weeks.The weeks leading up to your holiday you were going out in any old thing because your best stuff was packed away and when you got back from your hols obviously there probably wasn`t much Summer left to wear your new stuff but hey who cares? It was all part of the fun. When you got off the plane there was always a photographer taking pics of everyone coming down the steps which ended up in the foyer of your hotel so you could buy them or maybe have it made into a keyring. And who can forget the other photographers in these resorts who would make a living taking your picture with a (usually smoking) chimp dressed in a bizarre outfit?
Obviously two young girls on holiday were going to have a holiday romance.Mine was with the DJ at the club we always seemed to end up in (which we loved) and as for M, hers was with a gorgeous guy who was leaving before we did so M decided one hot afternoon that we should go to his apartment and leave him her number.When we got there he wasn`t in so we decided she would leave him a note.As we were in bikinis we weren`t carrying much but somehow she had some paper but no pen..what to do? Well…M had brought her lip gloss (don`t ask) and as it was a wand she used it to write a note and slid it under the door….All I can say is it was probably undecipherable by the time he got back.What with the heat it probably looked like a sticky mess and lets face it, he probably stood on it when he walked in…and that M is the reason he never called….