Move Over Victor Meldrew…

Another day,another date,another let-down.
Today I went to meet “N” for coffee,only for an hour as per usual but must admit I was a bit apprehensive after having a couple of chats.He didn`t seem to do much to say he was retired,and I was hoping that he wasn`t one of those guys waiting to meet someone before they decided that now they could “do” things. Anyway,after agreeing where and what time to meet I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him.His photos didn`t do him justice and he was better looking than I thought he was, he was dressed well and I was quite hopeful.
Until he started to talk.
First he complained about the location we were in,then the price of the coffee,then he was going on about some of the horrible women on dating sites.”I`ve met some really nice men actually,just not for me” I was desperately trying to lift the tone of the conversation but no,he wasn`t finished.He slated his ex,and how much money he`s wasted on his kids.He hardly ever went out,didn`t see the point,didn`t have many friends and the more he talked the more unattractive he became.
He also commented on the fact that on my profile I`ve had to mention who I live with, so that no homophobic old men message me.He himself did not know any gay men (hardly surprising) but proceeded to tell me a really offensive joke which I cut short.”I think you`re showing your ignorance there” I had to say.”Do not think for one minute that gay men fancy every single man on this planet.Same as you don`t fancy every woman.” Time to cut this date short.N himself says quite proudly that he`s a grumpy old man and in the end that is all I saw in him even though he ticked a few boxes at the start.
I didn`t think I was looking for much but it`s not easy…