I Love You Long Time…

As we get older things happen in life to shake it up a bit,some good, some bad.So when a friend of mine “R” lost two really good friends within months of each other he took a long hard look at his own life and decided to change it.
For a while he`d been thinking of going to visit Thailand and maybe start spending a few months in the year there.Luckily he was in a position to finance this by selling his business, and as he owns property the idea was to sell one whenever he needed to.So far so good.Off he went and along with the stereotype of the older British males who go there, he loved it and of course we all know why.Forget the Ladyboys, the majority of older men who go enjoy the company of any number of the lovely young Thai girls who work there and who can blame them? What might surprise you is that some of the girls are married and are sent to Bangkok by their husbands to make money.
R himself will tell you that he likes the fact that you can have a different girl whenever you want and unlike being in England,you don`t get ignored by the fairer sex when you walk into a bar.And that`s the reason the guys do it.
When you`re getting older you start to become invisible, but usually it`s the women who will complain about this.I myself have been ignored in bars where no-one`s seen me (apparently) to take my money.(but that`s a whole other post) so it made a change to hear it from a man.Unlike a lot of guys my age R is quite good looking,good company and one of my favourite people so it was a bit of a surprise to hear that the men also feel invisible when you`re a certain age.Can you imagine what it does for your ego then when you walk into a bar and all these gorgeous young girls give you all this attention? Yes it`s for money but everyone knows the rules and everyone`s happy with the arrangement so it`s a done deal.
Up to now R has resisted spending his time with just one girl but I`m sure it`s only a matter of time…there`ll be a favourite eventually.