The Best Sex I Never Had.

Hubby`s having a melt down as his 40th birthday looms closer,he`s not looking forward to it at all.I try to point out that it`s got to be better than the alternative, but he`s not having it.
“I like to think that I`ve yet to have the best sex I`ve ever had.What about you?” I looked at him.”Are you seriously asking me that question?” “Well yeah.” I think we all know the answer to that one…
Now let`s see. Correct me if I`m wrong here but ideally you have to fancy someone yes? Want to rip their clothes off,lose yourselves in one of the best recreational activities known to man and feel like you can never get enough of them.Fair play when you`re young and gorgeous in your 20`s/30`s and think that this is it.You`re never ever going to get old.Not you.You refuse point blank but Father Time has other ideas.
Twenty years on you look back and realise that there was nothing wrong with your body,all those issues you had stressing over what you thought was wrong with you,when all the time the extra weight you insisted you were carrying was probably on your ears.But as you`ve got older so have the men and as we all know, men don`t age well.So when your marriage breaks down and you`re back in the game the odds are very much shortened trying to find someone that you actually like, never mind anything else.
None of us look like we did when we were young, I accept that.But people`s outlook on life can change when they get older and that can make them unattractive.Trust me, I`ve been on enough dates now to know the difference.
So as much as I admire hubby trying to fight against getting/feeling older I for one know that yes.I`ve more than likely had the best sex of my life, but I do like to hear the tales he tells about snogging DJ`s in the gay village….