Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

A friend of mine was recently going through some old photographs after the recent death of her dad.”There`s a few with you on you know” she told me.That surprised me to be honest but then she said she was thinking about posting them on facebook and didn`t know how I`d feel about my ex-husband being on the same photos.I thought for a minute before replying.”Not a problem, just make sure that they`re the ones I look fab on!” Well what could I say? I can`t change the past or deny it and we are talking rather a long time ago but a recent article I read in a newspaper made me think…..
The article was about people (I`m going to assume mostly women here) who were having hypnotherapy to help them get over a break-up.So instead of having that awful heart ache for a while they were hoping to be over it in a very short space of time which sounds really good doesn`t it? Can`t blame anyone for trying to bypass that horrible feeling two seconds after waking up in the morning before realisation dawns that no, no-one`s died just your relationship…but what if you were offered a service that takes it one step further? Not only can you feel a lot better but you can actually have that person removed from your memory? If you`re at a time when the break-up is very recent I`m betting you`ll say yes to that as it`s easy to just remember what`s recently happened. It`s an old cliche but it`s true, time is a great healer and further down the line you`ll remember why you got together and even though it ended badly it didn`t start off badly did it?
We all ,learn from every relationship good and bad and in a way it helps you to know what you do/don`t want.You`ll be able to recognise the red flags a mile off (hopefully) and run a mile but also you can recognise a good `un when you find one and hopefully he`s a keeper…but most of all why deny your past? It`s what shaped you into the person you are now and there`s nothing better than sitting drinking wine with your girlfriends discussing all the idiots you went out with  back in the day….