A Good Friend These Days Is Hard To Find.

We all need friends and it’s easier to make them when you’re younger, than it is when you’re older.At school is easy,although as a teenager many people find that they switch to other groups and possibly leave a couple of friends behind.Having moved around a lot in my late teens/early twenties I found it really easy to make friends.If I moved to a new town I usually got a job in a bar a couple of nights a week so I soon had a new set of friends,and when it was time to move on I probably only kept in touch with one or two.
Then there’s workplace friends,who to be honest,you don’t really see outside of work but are happy enough to see them on a (near) daily basis.These are the people who make the workplace a lot more bearable with banter/bitching/ and who are there for us when we’re having a bad day at the office.But like I said,once you’re older it’s a lot harder to find friends,especially in a big city.
Having moved to a city just outside Manchester just over 3 years ago I thought it would be a lot easier to find friends than it has been.As a woman in her mid fifties this has proved to be a lot harder than any other time.I’ve joined the Meet -Up groups but although I’ve tried to go along to a few I’ve found that work gets in the way as my job is not a nine-to-five and I work a couple of later shifts which narrows the options a bit.The ones I have gone to though, I’ve found that it was either too many young people or the opposite,too many older retired people who enjoyed coach trips to shopping outlets.Friendly enough,just not for me.
Another thing is if you have no young children then you don’t get involved in the community.There’s no hanging around at the school gates chatting to the other mums,no school fetes,PTA meetings,kids parties,having various children over for sleepovers and all the rest of it.You’re on your own.Luckily I do see a couple of long term friends on a regular basis but it’s been tricky to make new ones. But it’s not been all bad.Being on twitter and applying for a Channel 4 dating show last year made it possible to meet a new friend who I always enjoy spending time with as she lives in Manchester.
So.I’ve decided to bite the bullet and go along to see what the local W.I.has to offer.
Wish me luck.