Dodging Bullets .

I thought it was too good to be true, two dates in one week? Having had a good date last weekend (only for him to say “No” to another but I would have seen him again) I was looking forward to meeting a potential victim on Thursday my day off.
I’d spoken to “T” a couple of times and with hindsight he did seem really keen.He had made a reference to one of my pics on a dating site as I’m wearing a dress that shows a little bit of cleavage but I just put it down to a bit of cheeky humour. Having made some arrangement to meet for coffee in the afternoon I nipped into Manchester to meet up with a friend before cutting it short and making my way to the Quays. Just as I got there I received a phone call from T saying he’d taken his bike out for a spin and completely lost track of time.He was about half an hour away from where he lived then he had to get showered/changed and make his way over to meet me.Was I alright waiting for about an hour and a half? The answer was “No,” He seemed quite shocked at this so I suggested maybe we should just meet up another time, no harm done but he wasn’t happy. “I want to see you today.I’m the one travelling over to see you so you could at least make the effort.” Hang on a minute…
“I’m the one already here at the time we arranged, you’re not.I’m certainly not prepared to hang around because you can’t tell the time.So how about meeting up over the weekend?” He was insistent.”No.I really want to meet up today.You’re not busy later are you?” Actually I was busy and I told him, which is when he got quite angry. I had ruined his day off now, I could at least wait for him as he’d gone to the trouble of booking a room in a nearby hotel and if he cancelled it he would lose money.What sort of bitch was I anyway?
The sort of bitch who immediately blocked his number.
But I was shocked and appalled that this guy had assumed I would happily go along to spend an afternoon in a hotel room with a complete stranger, which tells me he’s done this before. I’m sure some women are probably doing the same as this guy but there was no way I gave any indication that I was up for that.We all know the safety rules of online dating and while it’s easy to forget when you get excited about meeting someone new,this was a harsh reminder to always keep them in mind.
Date safely ladies.

When Your Spider Senses Are Tingling…

Had a date last Sunday. It’s been a while so I was looking forward to it even though I’d been asked a couple of personal questions in an earlier conversation which had put me off. But after having to remind myself that people are entitled to a difference of opinion I decided to go ahead and meet “J”.
Initially it was for coffee but after a few conversations on the phone we decided to meet for drinks late Sunday afternoon.
As usual I had to take charge on where to go as none of these guys seem to go out anywhere past the end of their street so I chose the Northern Quarter and went to a bar I’d been in before with a different date. As we sat down J told me that he’d already googled me (I’d foolishly given him my second name when he’d asked) which knocked me back a bit.”Why on earth would you do that?” He looked a bit smug.”I always google my dates”. This wasn’t a good start but it was going to get worse. After half an hour of listening to his life story he then asked me to share some of mine but as  I started to speak he leaned closer,”How are you feeling?” I must have looked confused.”Are you relaxed? How do you think the date is going?” This was an effective way of shutting me up so I leaned back and let him waffle on. I now know every holiday he’s ever been on,what he was wearing and what he has for breakfast but every few minutes I was getting asked the same question.”How are you feeling?”
After a couple of drinks I decided I’d had enough and he looked disappointed when I refused the offer of another drink. He must have been feeling brave by then as the conversation turned to the two questions he’d asked me the week before.
This  guy has a very definite idea of what women should be/do and he’d asked me if I had any tattoos. The answer was “No I haven’t, but if I had they wouldn’t be visible.Would that be a problem?” The answer was yes it would be a problem as it was a bit of a deal breaker for him. Fair enough. The second question was had I had any work done? Again the answer was no, and this was also a bit of a deal breaker as it was something he hated and could spot a mile off. Cosmetic surgery is a personal thing and I have a couple of friends who have had a couple of minor procedures and they look great but no, he wasn’t having any of it. He then commented on my hair by saying it was clearly not my own natural colour and how was the diet going? I had nothing to lose by this point so I asked him a couple of questions of my own.”Tell me,did your ex wife work at all?” He looked surprised.”We had children so no, she didn’t.” “And is she a petite lady?” “Well yes she is actually.” I knew it.
Leaving the bar we made our way back to the tram stop which meant going through the back streets to Market Street and as soon as we got out of the bar he grabbed my hand in his which I shook off. Walking down the back streets he tried to push me up against the wall/shop window to try to kiss me. I firmly pushed him away and after the third time he shook his head.”A bit shy are we?”
I couldn’t get to that tram stop quick enough.
Two days later he contacted me and I made up some plausible story as to why I needed his second name, I then found him on Facebook and blocked him before he could find me.
And no, I definitely won’t be seeing him again.

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