Always be the star,never the understudy.

Today I should have been going on two dates. Yep that’s right, two different dates in the same day.
Date number one was to have been for coffee/drink at around 12-30, then the other was to be around 2-30 for yet another coffee. Unfortunately neither happened due to circumstances beyond my control and they both ended up cancelling.
I’d been having a bit of banter with “D” and he was eager to meet (which isn’t a bad idea as there’s no point emailing/texting for ages then finding that you don’t fancy each other when you meet) so he was the first guy I was meeting. Final arrangements for this date were made only a few days ago, so I was a bit taken aback when D text me to say he’d met someone and was giving it a go so had to cancel.When he met this lady I have no idea but he was probably chatting to quite a few of us so I’ve probably had a lucky escape.
Date number two was “E” who seemed really keen but could never finalise an actual time to meet until this Sunday but that was about to change. I received a txt from him saying that he’d forgotten that he’d arranged to see his grown up daughters today but as there was a chance that they might cancel on him we might be able to have that coffee. I wasn’t holding my breath on that one. I told him to go and have a good time and we’ll make a date for another time but I’ve a feeling he is also about to tell me he’s met someone.
Months ago I was chatting with someone when he said he was about to ask me out but had just been on a date and as it went well he was taking himself off the dating sites. One date and he was hoping it was going to work out, no pressure there then.  A couple of  months later he got back in touch and said as it hadn’t worked out he would like to maybe meet up but I politely declined. He got a bit angry and said a few nasty things but I stuck to my guns.
I don’t want to be that woman who is kept on the back burner in case it doesn’t work out for various people. I want to be a guy’s first choice.
I want to always be the star, never the understudy.