This Ain’t a Love Song….

People often say “How did we meet people when we were young?” Well I’ll tell you, when we were 16/17/18 we had a wide circle of friends and every weekend we all went into the town centre and went into all the pubs at the same time as the rest of the 16/17 18 year olds who lived in the same town. So everyone the same age was out at the same time so it was really easy to meet guys(or boys as they were then). Fast forward 40 years and obviously we’ve all come out of marriages, maybe moved away to live somewhere else and probably lost touch with a lot of friends on the way so for a lot of us it’s now the internet which is our new best friend. If we go out it’s either a family get-together (usually a meal) or out for a drink with a couple of friends and let’s face it, there’s probably not that many people our own age who are in that restaurant/pub at the same time that we’re in it. So we join these dating sites hoping we’ll meet someone but it`s difficult when you are talking to someone on-line and you don’t have your “wing-man”.
Back in the day everyone thought that they were in the top clique, there were different groups of people and each one thought that they were the top one and it wasn’t just the girls either. The guys were just as bad and each weekend they were stood at the bar watching all the girls strutting their stuff on the dance floor but 2 guys in particular stood out more than the rest. J and D dressed to impress every weekend, wearing their sharp bright suits and hiring a Lotus Elise just for the weekends. The rest of the lads hated ’em, but one night J came in useful. One Tuesday night my wing-man M and I went to the only pub that would be packed that night and walked up to the bar. At the time I was sort of seeing someone “P” but M really fancied his mate and this particular night they were both in the pub.But so was a group of girls who also had their eyes on these guys.
As we stayed at the bar J came in and came straight over to us. He knew what was going on and said “Just laugh at everything I say”so we did. P and his friend kept walking past but made no attempt to approach us as by now they’d sat with the other girls who were doing a lot of hair flicking and leaning forward to listen intently to what they had to say,(which wouldn’t have been a lot let me tell you) As the night wore on J stayed with us and when it was last orders he said “Let`s just walk out now.Each of you link me on each side and as we walk out you have to laugh your heads off.” M wasn `t too sure.” Oh no! That would be curtains for me! He won’t want to know!” But J was insistent, As we walked up the road a car pulled up along side us and P had his head out of the window with his mate sat beside him.”Get in!!” J winked at us as he walked away,he knew exactly what to do to wind them all up.
It wasn’t long after that when me and P parted ways because as much as he was a looker he just didn’t have the personality to go with it, and as for his mate it would seem he was far more interested in his clothes than what any girl had to offer.

C’est la vie.