Social Media.Love It Or Hate It.

I love social media,I really do.I don’t know if that makes me nosey (probably) but I like to interact with various people about different things that might be happening in our lives,workplace or the rest of the world but it would seem that different people have different ideas about how they use it.
Facebook for most people would be the most obvious one,the problem starts when people in the workplace start adding each other as let’s face it,we don’t get on with everyone do we? So after adding a couple of people, you will definately get a friend request from someone you don’t like,and sometimes the feeling is mutual but because you have 15 mutual friends they feel that they have to add you even though you have never ever had a conversation,and in fact sometimes walk past each other with barely a “Hi.” So what do you do? Sometimes it’s just easier to add them as it seems a bit churlish not to but at the same time why add someone who has no interest in what’s going on in your life the same as you have absolutely no interest in theirs?
“Fakebook” is the place where everyone feels that they have to post a status about what a fabulous life they’re having,what they have for tea,how fantastic their relationship with their significant other is,and isn’t life great.But it’s also been good for reuniting old friends which has got to be a good thing.
Twitter is a different animal completely and I love it.It’s a place where you don’t know anyone,you can’t post long whinging self indulgent posts as it won’t let you,as 140 characters means it has to be short and sweet so that means twitter is very fast.You soon find a group of people who seem to respond to some of your tweets so yes,twitter does have a lot of cliques and sometimes that creates it’s own problems.If a couple of people follow you (and you them) a list of “people you might like to follow” will show up especially if a few of your followers follow each other.(keep up at the back) This is where it’s a bit like Facebook and so you will get a follow from someone who sees that some of their followers follow you, even though they’ve probably no interest of anything you tweet.For some people it’s a numbers game,they try to get as many followers as possible, with no intention of following back.
But here again on twitter some people don’t interact. I have “liked ” something  that someone I follow (and who follows me) has tweeted, I have commented on blogs I like, have replied to certain tweets,all with no reply. Thank god for the mute option and you can always unfollow.
Having said that I have had some great random  conversations with total strangers on twitter,and even though we haven’t met there are some lovely people I regularly interact with.(you know who you are).And I have to say that it just seems a bit more real on twitter as people don’t always tweet about how great their life is. So here’s a message to all the people who just read every post and never ever interact either on Facebook or twitter.It’s called social media,the clue is in the word “social”, which surely means interaction.Try it,you might like it.