Same Old Brand New You.

So here we are two months into 2015 and after a flurry of the usual “This year I’m hoping to find the one” on various dating sites, let’s take a look shall we?
A few of you men have still yet to learn how to spell properly, and definitely stop using text abbreviations. These aren’t young kids I’m talking about, these are grown men over 50 years old. Then we have the usual “Like staying in/going out. Not ready for pipe and slippers yet” but yet you’ve listed visiting a garden centre as an interest. Not to mention pottering around in your shed.
I realise it’s harder to date when you’re older but surely by now some of these guys might have guessed that in order to get a woman’s attention they should appear to be just a little bit interesting. Not much to ask is it? A guy’s profile (and this is more than one) that says “Ask me anything” and says nothing else, makes me think that they’re actually quite lazy so no,I certainly won’t be getting in touch.
But the opposite to these guys are the ones who go running/hang-gliding/mountain climbing and fighting dragons which tells me that they don’t really have time for a relationship even though they seem a lot more interesting. So I suppose a lot of women would be looking for guys who fall in-between these two camps.
This is where the fun starts.
I have turned up for dates where the guys are a lot, shall we say bigger, than the one photo that’s on their profile, guys who smoke when their profile said they didn’t, guys in “complicated” relationships. I’ve dated widowers who certainly weren’t over the loss of their wives. Guys who were confused about their sexuality, there have been homophobes, misogynists,and someone who did actually bring a voucher along for a cut price meal. Some men are just looking for a companion to do things with, but that’s certainly not enough for me. I’ve dated men who’ve complained about absolutely everything from the start of the date right through to the end, this could be the weather/parking/price of coffee/ and usually about other dates they’ve been on.
I’ve actually had dates with some lovely men but they were just not for me.
But I’ll keep looking. Someone somewhere has my name on a pillow next to his but in the meantime I’m off on holiday for a week to Feurteventura with me myself and I so you never know what might happen.