Mutton dressed as lamb? Hopefully not dahling….

Last week I received an invitation to attend the wrap party of the Channel 4 programme First Dates which would be held at some celeb hot spot nightclub in London.After the initial excitement had died down I started to feel a bit anxious about what the hell was I going to wear? A woman of a certain age has limited options and as I was mentally flipping through my wardrobe discarding everything I owned I decided to do some on-line shopping. After a couple of hours I hadn’t found anything mainly because the dresses I was looking at, when I had put the entire ensemble together, made me look as though I was going to a wedding. Definitely not the look I wanted but this was the problem.T his nightclub was going to be full of bright young things under 25 and I was going to stand out a mile by being twice their age for a start so I didn’t want further proof that I shouldn’t even be there by wearing something ridiculous.
If I had been going there 25-30 years ago it would have been no problem as you just wear whatever is in fashion at the time but we’ve all heard that saying “If you wore it first time around then you can’t wear it again”. At the minute the shops are full of jumpsuits, all-in-ones, boiler suits call them what you will but that used to be my trademark at one time. At 20 yrs old I was strutting along in a bright yellow one with a red belt and red shoes thinking I was all that, yes I was that canary. I also had a skin tight denim one that I wore to death that eventually got nicked off the washing line (so I know I must have looked alright in it as someone clearly wanted to look the same).
Living in Gibraltar I had a lovely lilac one which was covered in zips which I used to wear with suede lilac ankle boots. At the time I was working in a hotel and as accommodation was included I ended up sharing a room with a girl who worked in the nightclub that was underneath it. After wearing this particular outfit to death I put it in the bin and then got the shock of my life when I walked in the nightclub one night and my room mate was wearing it along with the boots! What could I say? I’d thrown it away and she’d fished it out and kept it. I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that but for god’s sake find your own style!
Which brings me back to shopping when you’re older. Your body shape changes especially after having kids and you want to cover up more and let’s face it no-one wants to see ageing flesh on display so it`s sometimes difficult trying to find a happy medium.I still want to be able to dress with a nod to fashion and look smart but definitely no short skirts/low tops/backless numbers. Might have to try Bon Marche as I hear David Emmanuel does a designer range for them but we all remember a certain wedding dress he made so maybe not.