Who Said Dating Was Fun?

I should have had a date last Saturday night.I should have been having fun/banter, lots of wine and hopefully having a very pleasant evening but instead I ended up watching Eurovision and wondering if Conchita Wurst has been doing some waist training as her waist was so tiny.

I suspected on Friday that maybe this date wasn’t going to happen, but I tried to push all negative thoughts away and focus on the positive and try to decide on what I was going to wear.Saturday came and I got a short text around lunch time saying “In Tesco’s,I’ll txt you later.” Around 4 o’clock I got the text,he was extremely sorry but he was probably going to have to cancel due to having a migraine.Hmm…I can imagine him having a migraine after  having met me, but I was a bit surprised to say the least but obviously couldn’t exactly call him a liar.He seemed keen to rearrange the date though so I gave him a chance and we arranged it for Monday night.
Monday came and although we’d exchanged a few texts nothing was mentioned about meeting in the evening until I got a text around 9 o’clock.”We could have been out tonight.” I was quick to reply.”But we’re not.” He said he’d made a subtle hint in earlier texts that day but I know damn well he hadn’t so I had to reply with “Clearly I’m having a blonde senior moment day and thick as two short planks because I completely missed the extremely subtle hint you say you made.” And no, I didn’t get a reply.
The last date I had was a few weeks ago and that was a bit of a disaster.After finding out he works at the hospital I asked my flatmate to make some enquiries and apparently it turns out that my prospective date wasn’t well liked but as I didn’t work with him I thought I’d meet him anyway.It was a lovely hot sunny day and as I had arrived at the meeting place first I sat outside,but didn’t have to wait long before his car pulled up.
“S” was a very chatty guy.He never shut up from the time he got out of the car until he got back in it to drive off and I have to say my ears were bleeding.I now know all about his two colleagues that he works with and where they’re going on holiday and S is upset that they have booked the weeks off that he wanted even though he’s probably not going anywhere.I know where they live,who they’re married to,which pub they use and what they have for breakfast.I know all about S’s ex wife and her new boyfriend,where they like to go,and (of course) she really wants him back.I know that he’s now left the hospital to start a new job as he couldn’t make the changes to the rota that he wanted to make.
I was starting to understand why not many people seemed to like him.
I’m sure he must have asked me a question,but if he did it would probably be something he can turn right around back onto him. But while he was droning on and clearly not interested in anything I might want to say I had to fight the impulse to suddenly say to him,
“And then the house burned down.”
Let’s just say that sometimes,dating is just sheer hard work trying to sort the wheat from the chaff….