From Disney To The Dark Side.

As yet another body is pulled out from the Manchester canal (second one in two weeks actually) speculation grows that there could well be a killer at large who’s been given the name “The Pusher.” Police say that there is no connection which obviously is ridiculous and if that was over 60 women instead of men that had been pulled out of the canal in the past 6 years a man hunt would have been under way ages ago.To suggest that they have all either fallen in drunk or killed themselves is insulting to say the least,no doubt maybe a couple of them have but certainly not that amount.
Professor Craig Jackson,Head of Psychology at Birmingham University maintains that it’s highly improbable that such a high number of young men have committed suicide as it’s not usually a method that men would choose unless jumping off a bridge.Which begs the question,what is going on?
Most of the men found are gay,young,and probably been on a night out in surrounding areas with the Gay Village being a popular destination. But a lot of straight people go there too as it’s such a good night out, and as yet no young women teetering drunk in high heels seems to have managed to fall in the water.
Anyone watching “Cucumber” will remember that horrific scene where one of the main characters gets smacked with a golf club in the side of the head after having sex with another man who was still in the closet.This sort of thing happens regularly,(not the golf club obviously) where men who maintain they are not gay, are married to women and have children, seek out sex with other men as in the long run they can’t deny who they are.Only recently two men in prison for homophobic crimes got married to each other,both had murdered gay men, probably after having sex with them and everyone knows the story of the guy who insisted he could cure gay men with aversion therapy (as God doesn’t recognise gays apparently.) only to go on to marry a man himself. Which brings me to my theory.
It’s possible that it’s a gay man who, for whatever reason, has not come out to the world,who might even have had sex with some of them and as Craig Jackson says, a body in the canal will have all DNA evidence destroyed.For whatever reason there is something sinister going on, and hopefully if it is someone who’s getting their kicks by killing young men let’s hope he gets caught soon. But if the police are saying there’s no connection with all these bodies being found,I might have to get my Miss Marple cardi on….