I Love You so much….I don`t want to share you.

Watching Celeb Big Brother (I know I know, shoot me now) and Carole telling Courtney that Courtney was a bit of a spoiled child (the girl`s 19) because her husband did everything for her rang alarm bells.Courtney`s husband is 53 and of course her reply to Carole was “But I love him” which I`m sure she does, the question is how long will she love him when she wants to change things? She clearly has no friends and her family don`t seem to be around which makes her a prime target for a controlling person like her husband to step in.He does everything for her which probably includes buying her the clothes he wants her to wear. She might think he`s a little bit domineering but I feel really sorry for this girl as it`s going to end badly.
The thing is these control freaks don`t show their true colours straight away.They seem to want to spend all their time with you which can seem really flattering until they start to complain about the fact you`ve made arrangements to see friends when he`s booked a table for a nice romantic meal…..so what do you do? I`ll bet you cancel your mates as he looks so unhappy and then guess what? He decides he`s so upset he doesn`t want to go out now….which might start you thinking. Was there ever a meal booked or was it just a ploy to keep you in? Or all of a sudden he wants to start to come shopping with you and suggest that you buy the clothes that he thinks you look nice in,which won`t be your usual type of thing either but you do it anyway because he`s only showing you how much he loves you right? Or he might start inviting himself along to when you get together with your friends so you`ll find you`re not invited out with the girls as much……if you`re of a strong nature you could try fighting back with making plans and going on your own as it`s dawned on you now what`s going on but is it worth the almighty row and the endless days of sulking and the hurtful jibes at how worthless you are? Because one day you wake up and this person has successfully managed to isolate you from friends and family. Not funny that is it? And now the fun starts.This person is so frightened that you`ll leave them you get accused of all sorts. Let`s just hope your postman isn`t good looking…..and this is all in the name of love let`s not forget.
On a lighter note I`ve had a message from a guy who says he`s an exhibitionist who loves dressing for pleasure and prefers the more dominant lady. He has his own feather duster and apron…..for god`s sake. NEXT!!