The Trouble With Online Dating.

Anyone who is using any dating sites/apps will know what an uphill struggle it is to find someone you even want to meet,never mind the happy ever after and as much as we would all love to meet someone in the “normal” way modern life dictates that this is virtually impossible.
Back in the day everyone worked the same hours Monday to Friday,there were no long hours in the office,shops weren’t open 24 hours,no deadlines to present to someone who lives in China, so everyone was around in bars at the same time which made life so much easier.As much as it is difficult to meet someone when you’re in your 20’s/30’s try fast forwarding another 30 years and you get to walk in my shoes.
Online dating means we can be who ever we want to be and although I’m quite happy being myself thank you very much, a lot of people feel the need to enhance the truth a bit. We’ve all been there.Dates with guys who turn up in old joggers,look nothing like their pics and on top of that are lacking in the personality department but sometimes I think we shoot ourselves in the foot by being too picky.One of my pet hates is guys who can’t spell and use text abbreviations on their profile but if I was to meet them before I knew this and we got on really well then the fact that they can’t spell properly wouldn’t bother me because I wouldn’t know.If you have chemistry with someone the normal things that annoy you about online profiles would go out of the window so that being said I’ve decided to move my goalposts a bit.
When I first started dating I was looking for non smokers but if a guy ticks a lot of other boxes I’m prepared to overlook a couple of things and smoking is one of them.I’m also having to be realistic here, which is not the same as lowering my standards but you have to understand that my options are a lot less than 30 years ago so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and not insist that my dates have hair, so baldies are in with a chance.Another one is widowers.I think I’ve met the ones who are looking for a replacement pretty damn quick so anyone will do,but maybe if he’s been on his own a bit longer I might consider a date.And who knows.maybe the guys who only date petite blondes are also moving their own goalposts to include loud, gobby, opinionated brunettes. They don’t know what they’re letting themselves in for…