Ray Teret? I went to his flat once…

So as Ray Teret gets 25 years for unlawful sex with underage girls, it reminds me of the time I went to his flat in 1974.Don’t get me wrong,nothing happened to me,I’d gone with a friend “S” who was sort of seeing him at the time.S was a stunning brunette but was quite petite so maybe (looking back) Ray thought she was younger than she was.I’ve no idea what happened (if anything) and to be fair she was over 16,maybe he went off her when he realised how old she was.All I remember was that it took ages on a couple of buses to get to where he lived but we were both a bit star struck as he was working for Piccadilly Radio at the time in Manchester.
And it’s been quite a year for Operation Yewtree.All these women coming forward saying they were raped/groped/indecently assaulted by various high profile men in the 70’s/80’s.As a young woman growing up in the 70’s let me tell you what it was like.
You have to remember that it hadn’t been that long before the 70’s when women had big families and didn’t work.Thanks to the arrival of the pill in the 60’s that changed everything and women could take control as to when they wanted a family.So women wanted to work.Back then no-one stayed on at school to do further education,and no-one, at all, went to University.The best that you were going to do was,as a woman, either
(a) Work in a shop.
(b) Work in a factory.
(c) Take shorthand lessons and work in an office.
No expectations to do any better and usually after a couple of years you’d probably end up with one of the local guys who also had dead end jobs.Get a council house on the same street as your mum/dad sisters/brothers and that was you.Sorted.So women were usually seen as second class citizens in a way which does not condone the behaviour of certain men by any means but that was generally the mentality.We all knew of a couple of girls who did babysitting jobs and the husband made a point of sitting her on his knee and making inappropriate remarks,but no-one thought that it was wrong.Or working in an office/shop and the manager taking you out for a drink after work and then trying it on when he dropped you off.Believe it or not,this was normal.It’s only years later when you realise that no,it was unacceptable.But here we are at last.Men being made accountable for taking advantage of the lovely young girls back then. As for Ray I was lucky,the other predator could have been there,good old Jimmy but I have no story to tell on that score…..