Can you actually die of boredom?

I was looking forward to meeting “G” as he was by far the best looking guy I`d been chatting to….even though he lived in Liverpool. We arranged to meet at Salford Quays but as he was driving he needed a postcode for his satnav so I chose somewhere (don`t ask me why) not actually at the tram stop.As I got off I started to walk up to where I`d been given directions but didn`t walk up far enough so I didn`t have a clue as to where this place was. Hubby phoned…”Is everything alright?” “Well….actually…” and as I told him I was lost he drove to the Quays. I got in the car and was in it literally a minute as he drove me to the car park where I was meeting G…..what a star!! I made my way into the pub and G was there 2 seconds later….he was as nice as his pic(always a bonus) so we went and sat down. After a bit of chit-chat the conversation for some reason turned to house prices….and G then told me the price he`d paid for every single house he`d ever had….and what it was worth now. Hmm….not sure I want to play this game…I don`t have a tent G never mind a house…but then he was telling me about  tax reforms and the new universal credit system so I made my excuses and went to powder my nose.I looked at my watch…..only an hour had passed since we sat down! It might be time to make that fateful call…..”999 what`s your emergency?” “What`s my emergency? Can you actually die of boredom because I`m flatlining here!!”….but no…I refrained, flicked my hair put some lippy on and went back out with a fixed smile. I tried to change the conversation I really did but G was on a roll……we were now on house prices abroad and places his friends had bought and yes you`ve guessed it….what they are worth now. I made a mental note…..enough`s enough now…I may as well be at home watching “Place in the sun” … I made some excuse about  getting up early, got the next tram back and was home by 10-30…..I never got in touch and neither did he so needless to say our romance is now over……

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