There’s a New Kid in Town

There’s a new dating app that’s been launched recently aimed at me, apparently.  An app aimed at the over 50’s focusing on safety and honesty for all of us older daters who are still “young and active, and encouraging quality conversations with like minded people.” A user has to have at least 3 photos on their profile to avoid catfishing and  instead of getting messages saying the usual “Hi” there has to be an opening message of at least 50 characters (which is definitely going to be a copy and paste job) and if someone is offensive you can block and report, a bit like you can do on most sites/apps so while I’m checking it out to see if I want to download it I can’t actually see how much different this would be to the ones I’m using now, but then again what do I know?

A lot more than the people who’s idea this is seeing as how none of them seem to have taken a few things into consideration, I’m guessing these people are not doing older dating themselves because if they were they wouldn’t be using some of the patronising language that’s being used. Not sure where they’ve got their research from but you can’t promote honesty when everybody knows that some people lie on their profiles, I’ve been on enough dates to know the difference between “professional gambler” and someone who has an account with Betfred. I’ve also seen enough profiles that say Phil/Terry/Mike are living life to the max, spontaneous and loves to try new things, then have a meltdown getting on the tram to Manchester as it’s out of their comfort zone. Profiles that say they’re ready for a relationship after the breakdown of their marriage then you find out it was their third marriage (more common than you think) profiles that say they’re family orientated then you find out they don’t want to date women with grandchildren as they’ll have less time to spend with them. Guys who just want someone to go out for meals and go on holiday with while they spend every day of their retirement in the pub, guys who are so set in their ways that they would love it if you just moved into a house in the next street, no effort required. Any dating site/app is likely to have some people use it as an easy way to hook up with people for sex, (I never got one date on Tinder but then again I wasn’t impressed with Match either)  so you have to hope that someone’s being honest when they write their profile which also means that the “quality conversations” might not happen. A conversation is between two people, nothing to do with whichever site/app they’re on but let’s not forget the usual thing about older guys, a lot prefer younger women so I’m guessing that yet again there will be more women than men on this particular app so I think I’ll stick to the ones I’m already using thanks but do you know what really puts me off?

Barry from Blackpool will most likely be on it.