All That Glitters Is Not Gold.

In light of Holly Madison’s revelations about life in the Playboy mansion being less than perfect due to very strict rules doesn’t surprise me, and reminds me how working as a bunny also meant adhering to strict rules.
In order to look your absolute best meant turning up an hour (at least) at the club to start getting ready.This hour by the way,was without pay.All the tools of the trade were there,make up,heated rollers,nail polish,brushes,hairspray etc and we all had to look perfect.Any girl who had long hair had to have it curled so while waiting for the rollers to heat up you could start putting the full slap on.Nails had to be painted with no chips and everyone was inspected by the “bunny mothers” before starting a shift.If for any reason your appearance wasn’t up to scratch then you had to go and make sure it was, with the time taken being docked from your wages.
Sometimes a winner on the tables might give you a nice tip on his way out as a “thank you” but as you can imagine there wasn’t really anywhere to put it and all tips had to be handed in,shared between every single person working that evening and taxed on it when you eventually got your wage at the end of the month.So a bunny got a fraction of any tips that she might have been given over a period of time,disheartening to say the least!
Another rule was no lifts home being accepted by any guest that was in the club any evening.This resulted in instant dismissal and was a rule they were really strict on.So it was ok to be standing in a bus shelter in Manchester Piccadilly gardens at 4am waiting for the first bus of the day at 6-30 and dealing with drunks,tramps and any other idiot trying his luck at that time.But you would be sacked if a guy who lived around the corner from you, playing the tables,gave you a lift and got you home safely seeing as how Playboy didn’t provide transport home.
If you were lucky enough to be picked to go on an outing (amid cries of favouritism by other girls) say, the races, we had to have a chaperone. Some poor guy trying to keep control of a handful of girls and keeping them away from the bar but also trying to stop men from approaching us with champagne they just happened to have with them.It was all about the image.Don’t get me wrong,I loved it and everything that went with it but like any “glamorous” job,it’s never as it seems.
And for anyone who’s not sure.A Playmate is the one who gets to go to the mansion after taking her clothes off and being featured in the magazine, a bunny doesn’t. Hope that clears the confusion.

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