Ageism is alive and well in popular bars.

Today was my last day off from work before Christmas.Working in retail means that it’s our busiest time so as my next day off is actually Christmas day I planned to enjoy it.
After meeting a friend and having a catch up for an hour I wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon doing a bit of last minute shopping before finally finding a nice bar and having a mulled wine (or two.) But there was a problem.I could either
(a) Try a bar I’ve not been in and risk getting ignored,
(b)Go back to a bar where I’ve had good service.
I chose (b). Purely because I was getting tired and wasn’t in the mood for what could have happened.It’s been a while since I ventured into a bar on my own, it’s something I usually do on a hot summer day,late afternoon and only for about an hour.Living in Manchester means I have lots to choose from and I can be as pretentious as anyone else, so  I do like to go to one of the so called “uber trendy”bars.This hasn’t always been a good idea.
This Summer I went on a speed dating event which was held at a well known restaurant.As I was dressed to impress I made my way to the bar and got there more or less the same time as a man.After he was served (with one drink so it was clear that we weren’t together) the young barman walked away.So I stood there.Two other bar staff were having a conversation between themselves right in front of me.There was no-one else waiting to be served,just a well dressed middle aged lady but I may as well have been invisible.Surely that can’t be it? But a couple of weeks earlier I’d been in another popular watering hole in Spinningfields and after having to tell the barman 3 times what I was drinking (because he was in the middle of a conversation with other customers) he never looked at me all the time he was serving and while he handed me my change he was actually talking to someone else.
So I asked a couple of friends if this has happened to them.They all agreed that it had.One friend had gone in (with another girlfriend) to a restaurant with the idea of booking it for a family party.As they were waiting for a while to get served they noticed that all the young gorgeous girls were getting served first and they were being made to wait.In the end they just turned around and walked out.Don’t get me wrong,I’ve also been in places where the service has been great and those are the places I’ve gone back to and highly recommended to other people.
But they’re doing it all wrong.As older people we’ve got more cash to splash.The kids have left home so we like to spoil ourselves and maybe eat out a couple of times a week.A few of us are still working but the house is paid off.We appreciate nice things and nice places and expect the same level of service as everyone else when we do turn up at the latest “in place”.And let’s not forget,we are all the parents of those gorgeous girls and boys that you encourage to come into your bars.
But worst of all,apart from the shockingly bad service when you do eventually get round to it is the fact that you don’t charge us any less for it.It’s time to up your game guys…..