Everyone has a dream don’t they? I was very close to finally living mine, until at the last minute – handing in my notice at work and everything – it all came crashing down so my dream of going to live in Gibraltar was a pile of ashes. I didn’t have Plan B so I’ve found myself, a woman in her 50’s, living in a part of Manchester where I didn’t know anyone, and working in a job that was only supposed to be temporary.

Part of trying to make a new start here was to try online dating which is when the fun started. I started a blog about my dates and because I love social media (especially twitter) this has led to blogging for Metro, Huffington Post and a date on Channel 4’s First Dates.┬áMore recently I was on the Lorraine show being interviewed by Carol Vorderman about being over 50 and using dating sites/apps.

This part of my life is turning out to be one of the most exciting/interesting times ever, and did I tell you that I once worked for Hugh Hefner?