A Previous Life

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a message from a guy called “Pete” and when I checked his profile he said his profession was “Circus Strongman” so I messaged him back.”Are you really a circus strongman?” “No” he replied “but I was in a previous life”. What?? Unfortunately for Pete he`d caught me on a bad day so I messaged back…”Oh my god! Did you ever work for Billy Smarts circus? I used to be a trapeze artist for them and my act would consist of hanging from a silver star doing acrobats without a net. I was known as Terri Twinkle!” He messaged back…”I don`t think I remember you is that true?” I couldn`t resist….”Well that was on my day off…the rest of the week I was helping with the American space programme as well as finding a cure for cancer…” I could tell from his reply he wasn`t impressed so i said ” To say a previous life you may as well have said a parallel universe…they are both nothing to do with the here and now….I don`t doubt for a minute that you did have that job but I`m guessing it was a long time ago ….let`s face it a lot of us probably had jobs that were a bit different but that was then…..let`s not live in the past!” Needless to say he didn`t reply…..