A Date!! (2)

Well boys and girls after sending a few messages and speaking on the phone a couple of times “P” and I decided to meet up in Manchester for a few drinks.As soon as I got off the tram he suggested maybe go for something to eat at a nearby tapas reataurant…..sounds ok to me so off we go.Looking back (don`t you just love hindsight..always 20/20 vision) I do remember P was trying to hold my hand going into the restaurant……Anyway after the meal we were getting to know one another…wine and conversation flowing…when P decided to make his move. Next thing I knew instead of sat facing me he was now sat next to me grasping hold of my hand! To say I didn`t like it was an understatement but not wanting to make a scene I just sat there…..I`d already noticed the jewelry he was wearing but one of his rings was now definately making an imprint in my hand….under sufferance I sat there until it was time to leave.When the bill arrived I offered to pay half of it.”How refreshing! I was going to treat you but yes I`ll take your money!” I was gobsmacked….by all means accept my share but please don`t tell me you were going to pay!! That`s like saying after a day in Blackpool “I was going to take you to Paris but you seemed happy with Blackpool”…it means NOTHING!! On the way back to the tram stop I was hoping my tram would arrive first…..but P had other ideas. When we got there he grabbed me and pulled me forward to him…then his face leaned forward….”What do you think you`re doing??” I pushed him away.”What`s up with you? Just trying to kiss you!” I stepped back.”We`re in the middle of Manchester at a tram stop…we`re NOT 14!!”….A tram was coming in and believe me I was on it so I was hoping it was mine…it was.As the tram was pulling away P made a last ditch attempt to impress by chasing it pulling “funny faces” through the window. Needless to say our romance is now over……

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